Which is the best help desk software for small business – Freshdesk vs. HappyFox

Freshdesk vs. HappyFox: Which is the best help desk software for small business? keep on reading to find out what is more suit for you as a small business. Why do small businesses need help desk software? In a small business, the customer is king, in the real sense; every decision taken by a small … Read more

CRM vs Ticketing system: Features and Comparison

CRM vs ticketing system the features and comparison starting with understanding CRMs and ticketing systems include features and differences. Understanding CRMs and Ticketing Systems CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a platform to manage a company’s relationship with its customers. With on-premise and cloud versions, a CRM system collects and stores vital information about customers and … Read more

Incident Management KPIs – Major ITIL Incident Management Metrics

In today’s always-on world, technical incidents and outages matter more than ever before. Downtimes and glitches come with critical consequences costing huge sums per hour in the form of reduced productivity and revenue along with maintenance costs. This is why it is important that companies track their incident management effectiveness. Incident management metrics help teams … Read more

Office 365 ticketing system

Office 365 ticketing system, its measuring, tracking service improve with incident resolution time, and what is the benefit of blending office 365 groups or helpdesk. Presumably, you went through the reception stage and discovered that Microsoft Groups interface you to the primary specialized tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, etc. It’s about how to design … Read more

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System: Why Your Business Needs Helpdesk Ticketing System Every business organizations face technical issues and other system problems from time to time. While problems occur occasionally, it becomes difficult to manage if there are thousands of employees working in your company. It becomes a hassle to manage the problems if there is no … Read more

Customer Relationship Management Solution Business Fundamentals

The main purpose of using a customer relationship management solution for your business is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your sales staff. Which ultimately leading to greater sales and higher profits. However, if your sales staff isn’t using the program regularly – or at all – you might be wasting the initial investment. … Read more

What does cloud monitoring services encompass?

What does cloud monitoring services encompass? Are you aware that cloud monitoring utilizes both automated and manual gears to monitor, analyze, and generate reports?  Thous reports are about the performance and accessibility of servers, websites among other cloud computing infrastructures. For instance, cloud monitoring gears make it possible for you to test an application. Test … Read more