Top 5 Best Customer Support Software for Small Business

The aim of best customer support software for small business is to offer immediate assistance to customers and build long-term partnerships.

Best Customer Support Software for Small Business
Best Customer Support Software for Small Business | Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

With internet growth, customer support is evolving, and many businesses are doing away with the old methods thanks to customer support software. The modern customer support tools can provide multiple customer care solutions at a bargain price. These systems feature both project collaboration and help desk portals that are easily customizable to meet business needs.

Benefits of a customer support software

Customer support programs enable companies to administer, generate, and settle service requests. These programs can maintain an accurate database of answers to many questions for both external and internal clients in an affordable manner. With customer support software, you need to not pay for expensive infrastructure and additional workforce needed by complex systems.

Using the best customer support software for small business, you improve customer satisfaction and lower your operational related costs. With more efficient resolutions to problems and complaints. You will increase re-orders and promotes your services and products. Which is good for business. This is because these customer support programs offer your customer relationship team with real-time and accurate information.  Which can help you improve their effectiveness and hence job satisfaction.

A good customer support program will also decrease the volume of incoming service queries significantly. This is because these programs offer a self-service portal. The software also organizes your client contact and request information, making data accessible, and ensuring easy communication across the company.

Most of these customer support programs are easily upgradeable, including functionalities for project management and meeting deadlines. This lets the employees understand their responsibilities and solve late-service complaints before they happen. Therefore, it is important to choose software that is expandable so that you can improve the program as the company expands.

Buying customer support software:

Whether you are just browsing or are trying to decide which customer support software to buy, know your needs first. There are different customer support programs, and not all will meet your needs. Some are advanced, while some are basic. Also, you will find that there are many software vendors, and not all are the same. A good rule is to know what software you are looking for regarding capabilities and functionalities before parting away with your money.

The following are the top 5 best customer support software for small business

1. Freshdesk:

This tool offers multi-channel customer care and unites each customer’s conversation into a single interface. This helps the customer care support team address and resolve query tickets generated by customers effortlessly.

This software also provides customer-facing features, for instance an information base, a self-service portal, and a community forum to ensure that customers can see the status of the tickets and find solutions online while sharing ideas. The tool offers 26 languages making it the most comprehensive customer support program for small businesses.

Some key features:

  • Freshdesk offers a call center, making it easy to set up a call center to handle customers.
  • There is also a ticketing support feature that helps in managing tickets from a variety of communication channels such as site, email, etc.
  • Freshdesk also comes with a reporting feature.

2. Helpjuice:

This is a self-service customer software that empowers you to avoid the FAQs while offering clients instant answers. The implementation and adoption process is seamless as it comes with a clean interface compared to other programs.

HelpJuice offers the best features when it comes to analytics. It is easily customizable, so you can have analytics that suits your business needs on the dashboard. With advanced analytics, the support staff can discover what is working and what needs some improvement. With these fantastic features and ease of using the tool, HelpJuice will make the whole customer care process a breeze.

Key features:

  • HelpJuice offers over 130+ dialects for co-creator content
  • The tool also comes with a computer-based intelligence chatbot that can easily recommend helpful articles on your website.
  • This tool also allows restrictions to client tickets when required.

3. Zendesk:

This is a great customer care program that works to improve the customer relationship. It incorporates knowledgebase management, email coordination, multi-channel communication, IT resource center, and so much more. It is among the best customer support software for small business and also established business.

With this customer support tool, businesses can set up an internet-based network.  Where their customers can post questions and reply to any ongoing discussion thread. Zendesk also makes it possible to brand customer support pages with business themes, logos, and pictures.

Key Features:

  • Zendesk offers a live chat feature that you can quickly implement/install on your site.
  • Zendesk supports both emails and calls, enabling you to disperse them to the support staff.
  • It also comes with a ticketing solution that makes it easy to assign, follow and manage tickets from customers.
  • There is also a content management system. This makes it easy for you to create an information base for your clients.

4. Hubspot:

Hubspot offers a range of features that helps to improve how your business associates with your customers. This makes it among the best customer support programs for small business.

The tool offers a mutual inbox that makes one on one communication easy with customers at scale. It comes with an automation feature to route messages to the best channels to improve productivity. With Hubspot, you can as well utilize bots to offer quick responses on the FAQs.

Key Features:

  • The tool converts inbox messages into automated tickets. This allows the customer support team to react using canned reactions, layouts, or short recordings.
  • Hubspot also comes with a free CRM for emails and tickets.  Making it easy to have an in-depth profile of a customer.
  • The tool also comes with a universal inbox for all in one customer care tool.
  • Hubspot also offers live chatbots that can assist customers with simple inquiries by referring them to documents on the site.
  • The tool also has a feature that makes it easy to gather customer input information through forms and studies. This is because customer feedback is key in improving business customer care

5. LiveAgent:

This is an online live chat program for web-based small and medium-sized businesses. The program offers a ticketing feature. Where each ticket contains the number of chats, calls, and emails from other communication platforms between the customer and the customer care representative.

LiveAgent comes with a live chat feature, an online self-service portal, and ticket management. You can buy all these features at once, or you can purchase them independently.

Key Features:

  • Live agent comes with chat boxes for a live conversation on your business website.
  • There is a call center that offers you a chance to accept customer calls. There is also a video call feature, which is very helpful for certain types of businesses.
  • LiveAgent also comes with a computerized ticket service. This enables you to limit the number of tickets an agent can receive and assign new tickets accordingly.


The above are the top five best customer support software for small business. What you need before purchasing one is to list your needs and understand what features each software offers. This way, it will be easy to settle on a customer support program that meets your business needs. You can always talk to experts if you are new to customer care software. They will be happy to explain and recommend the different programs based on your needs.

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