Help Desk Software Solutions

What Are the Best Help Desk Software Solutions? You have probably considered getting a Help Desk Software Solution for your company, but which one is best? This article will examine four of the best options. Among these options are Kayako, Zendesk, and InvGate Service Desk. Read on to learn more about their respective strengths and … Read more

Top Help Desk Software

Top Help Desk Software – Compare Jira and Zoho Desk If you’re looking for help desk software to help manage your customer support team, there are many options. The following article compares and contrasts two of the most popular options: Jira and Zoho Desk. We’ll also talk about how each helps you manage your support … Read more

On-premise help desk software: Features and Shortcomings

Let talk about On-premise help desk software, its features the advantages and disadvantages, and why they were needed, find out this and more in this article. Help desk software and why they were needed A Helpdesk software helps streamline conversations across channels into a single place, track user requests, enable accessible communication with customers, and … Read more

Kayako to Zendesk Migration: The Whys and Hows

Kayako to Zendesk Migration: the whys and hows also why is it needed? also, the precautions to be taken before the migration of Help Desk Software find more in this migration article. About Kayako Kayako is a cloud-based client service stage that coordinates different help channels like email, live visit and calls. This joining helps … Read more

Which is the best help desk software for small business – Freshdesk vs. HappyFox

Freshdesk vs. HappyFox: Which is the best help desk software for small business? keep on reading to find out what is more suit for you as a small business. Why do small businesses need help desk software? In a small business, the customer is king, in the real sense; every decision taken by a small … Read more

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System: Why Your Business Needs Helpdesk Ticketing System Every business organizations face technical issues and other system problems from time to time. While problems occur occasionally, it becomes difficult to manage if there are thousands of employees working in your company. It becomes a hassle to manage the problems if there is no … Read more

4 Best Helpdesk Management Systems

In this article, we are looking at the 4 Best Helpdesk Management Systems. How they work and some pros and cons. Introduction For a business at its budding stage, it is manageable to deal with issues originating from the customers. However, once the business takes flight, the volume of internal and outside help requests accumulations … Read more