Cloud Call Center Software

Whether you run an inbound, outbound, or omnichannel call center, there’s a lot of value to choosing a cloud call center software solution. Any call center can give you the chance to reach new prospects and send them down the sales funnel, but cloud software takes it to a new level. Cloud software gives you all the benefits of running a call center without the need for a physical location or even hardware.

Cloud Call Center Software
Cloud Call Center Software | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What is Cloud Call Center Software?

Call center software emulates the traditional call center for customer support. These software solutions can handle any level of traffic and have extra features, including ACD, IVR, auto-diallers, call recording and more.

Some software packages include staff coaching and management to help them through calls. Supervisors can listen in on calls and offer agents and customers alike extra support. Cloud-based software stands out for being easy to integrate with omnichannel platforms and expand alongside a business. Cloud services mean you only pay for as much – or as little – as you need. You’ll be able to save money and have a service built around your needs.

Some of the most popular call center software include CRM integration to give your agents precise information about who they are talking to. CRM integration offers agents information on customer background and personality information and helps to make a call more personable.

Five of the Best Cloud Call Center Software Solutions.

  1. RingCentral Conact Center

RingCentral provides one of the most innovative cloud-based platforms for call centers. The platform includes core features, with extra services built around them. These core features include CRM integration, omnichannel routing, agent management, and a reporting dashboard that offers analytics and other relevant information.

The reason that many consider RingCentral to be the absolute best of the best is that it was built in the cloud for the cloud. By being purely cloud-based from the get-go, the service avoids the technical problems that have bothered other vendors attempting to enter the cloud and take legacy systems online.

RingCentral also offers up plenty of customization features, along with reasonable pricing. An Essentials plan will set you back $19.99 per user per month. Other plans with more features are available at different prices.

  1. Channels

Channels, formerly known as CrazyCall, offers a cloud-based call center solution that is easily managed via a smartphone app. The service includes an automatic dialer for making calls faster, as well as browser extensions, to enable click-to-call for agents.

Channels offers a unique feature where it lets you route outgoing calls through a local phone number. Using a local phone number increases the chances that someone will answer the phone and be willing to listen to agents. Call recording features are included as standard so you can track how agents are performing. Channels also comes with reporting so you can analyze calls and measure success rates.

Channels focuses on being a sales-calling platform rather than simple customer support. It does a great job of this, performing well when it comes to converting leads and generating a solid return on investment.

Pricing starts out at $24 per month with annual payments. Features include free incoming calls, IVR, 30 days call recording, live chat integration, and integration with eCommerce platforms.

  1. Freshcaller

Freshcaller offers an all-round cloud call center solution that is easy to use. Users can manage everything through a simple control panel, and agents can make calls with just one click.

That Freshcaller doesn’t need any hardware is what makes it an excellent choice for limited small businesses. Even so, the service has a lot of features that would serve any business well. Users have access to call routing, masking, monitoring, and forwarding. The service also supports conference calling. While Freshcallers allows for international calling, businesses will still have to purchase local numbers through the management inventory.

All in all, this is a robust platform to make calls. That the service is cloud-based makes it affordable and accessible for any business. There’s a starter-level option available for free where users only have to pay call charges.

The paid versions come in three subscription packages – $19, $40, and $59 per month per agent. The higher-priced plans offer more features, including call routing and metrics, along with omnichannel routing and more.

  1. Five9

Five9 has everything one could need from a cloud call center. It makes it easy to provide customer support or secure sales with everything controlled through one location. Outside of the typical features for a service like this, it comes with predictive AI that takes agency and team efficiency to the next level.

Even if there is a sudden flood of inbound calls, agents typically involved with outbound calls can quickly shift to handle the increase in calls. There are some different settings and features to mess around with for the predictive AI, all of which are built around improving efficiency even more.

If this wasn’t enough, It integrates with most major CRM software platforms, including ZenDesk, Oracle, and SalesForce. Five9 offers a cloud-based calling solution, allowing anyone easy access without any telecoms hardware. Five9 is built for businesses of any size, from small businesses to huge enterprises.

  1. ZenDesk Talk

Where other providers build customer relations management (CRM) into products, ZenDesk went the opposite route and created a cloud call center around CRM. The finished product is called ZenDesk Talk, and it offers a sleek and reliable solution to customer service.

Customer service teams can use ZenDesk to offer telephone support from a single location. Agents receive customer history and information when they take a call, so they know where they stand. The aim is to boost workflow and efficiency by giving agents everything they need in one place. ZenDesk Talk also includes SMS integration to improve customer service.

It also includes all of the key features you’d expect, such as call recording, routing, monitoring, and IVR. ZenDesk offers a free version of the software with basic call features. There’s a Team plan which costs $20 per month per agent, and a full Professional plan available for $45 per month per agent.

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