Why You Need a Customer Support Chat Software

If you have an online business, then you need to have live chat customer software. The software is critical when it comes to communicating with business clients and web visitors.

Customer Support Chat Software
Customer Support Chat Software | Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

With the right customer support chat software, you will attract more traffic as many visitors will easily engage with your business. They will ask questions, and through this communication, they will trust your business and convert to sales. However, as you look for live chat software, keep in mind there are tons of them in the market. Some are free, and some are paid. Others come with advanced features. This, therefore, means you can get one that suits your business needs. Below are some reasons why you need customer live chat software.

24/7 support

Although it is possible to offer 24/7 support to your customers via email or phone, the core need for 24/7 support is that there is always someone to handle queries. With customer support chat software, you can offer this kind of support. This support is critical as it is online, and the modern shopper prefers online business. You can answer questions and customer queries in real time (within the shortest time possible). This way, customers will trust you more and do business with you.

Instant support

Another reason why you need to have a customer live chat software is that communication is instant. Unlike with emails that take time to bounce back from support to the customer or the calls that will queue for a few minutes, live chat software offers real time support. This means that you can provide instant assistance to your web visitors and clients. The communication happens within seconds, and therefore web visitors will not wait for long before getting help. Online business is all about convenience and saving time, and this is what you will offer your web customers with live chat customer support software.

Lure web visitors towards purchases

You can use customer support chat software for more than just customer service. This is because you can contact web visitors and customers the same way they approach you. For example, if you notice a web visitor that has been browsing on your site and viewing products, you can contact them and ask if they have any questions. Sometimes you will find they were viewing different products for comparison purposes and are unable to make a decision. This is where you come in. If you offer to answer their question, they will probably make a decision and purchase the product or service. You can also reach customers who have been browsing on your site and offer them promotions to encourage them to make a purchase.

Track purchase trends

Customer support chat software comes with other applications that allow you to track the IP addresses of web visitors. You can then know where most shoppers come from. The information will help you figure out what your audience is and what they are shopping for. Also, the data enables you to strategize on your upcoming marketing campaign. This way, you make your live chat customer software more than just a customer service tool.

Develop custom FAQs

By analyzing the questions you get most from web visitors and customers, you will know which pages you need to improve. For example, if the customers keep asking about the cart or issues with online payments, you can improve those pages. Also, depending on the questions you receive frequently, you can come up with custom FAQs and suits most of your web visitors. All this will improve web visitors’ experience and will end up making a purchase.

The importance of having a customer chat software is immeasurable. Therefore, you have to ensure you have the best software for your online business. But how do you get the best? Well, below are questions to ask before buying any customer chat software.

Is it compatible with my site?

Before settling on specific software, find out if it is compatible with your website. Are you able to integrate it with other systems on your website? Be sure that the software will run smoothly on your site without causing problems or interfering with other software. Also, ensure that it will not slow your website loading speed as this can discourage web visitors.

Does it allow customization?

Customization is critical, as every business has unique needs. Can you customize the software to match your website design? Can you customize the software i.e., the look of the chat window? How easy is it to customize? You do not need software that takes ages to customize, as you may need to customize it now and then. The general rule is to find software easily customizable in almost all aspects such as design, general look, colors, size, etc.

Can you integrate it with your CRM?

Look for software that you can integrate with your CRM software. Otherwise, you will miss out on what your business competitors are enjoying. When you combine your customer support chat software with your CRM, it will be easy to collect useful data such as contact info and records, which will help you generate new leads.

Is the buying process easy?

Another thing to consider when shopping for customer chat software is the ease of purchase. Can you purchase the software online? Are there any formalities, and if there is, how do you comply? Go for a software that offers all features and no complexities when it comes to buying it.

Is there a trial time?

Putting software to trial is a sure way to know if it matches your needs. Most software vendors will allow a trial window upon which you can test every aspect of the software. Only buy from vendors that provide at least a month trial period. This way, you will be sure what you are paying for.

Is there a warranty?

Software is costly, and customer chat software is no different. Therefore, before committing your money, check if there is a guarantee of quality. Avoid software with no warranty.

What are other users saying?

It is crucial to check testimonial from users already using live chat software. If there are many complaints about the software, avoid it. Look for a software that performs, customizable, practical, and affordable.

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