Free Cloud Based Ticketing System

If you are looking for a free cloud based ticketing system, there are plenty to choose from. In this article, we’ll cover Sprout, OTRS, Zendesk, and Sprout Advanced Ticket System. Each of these tools is capable of solving the most common ticketing needs of a business. Which one is best for your business? Read on to find out. We’ve also outlined what features you can expect from each.


If you’re looking for a cloud-based ticketing software, you might have already heard of Sprout. A cloud-based ticketing software is a great way to organize and track customer inquiries. It includes an unlimited number of tickets, easy navigation, and an intuitive user interface. It also includes tools for managing tickets, bulk changing of ticket statuses, merging and filtering, custom ticket views, and quick settings. This software’s email-based interface makes it easy for customers to communicate with your support team via email.

Sprout’s API focuses on customer-level data, like profile and post information. It will also allow you to control which sponsors get access to which messages. Its API provides user-level data access and data aggregation, and the service has an elite customer support team to ensure brand integrity on and off-line. You can even design a custom ticketing page, so the experience is unique to your brand.

Sprout offers a free trial. It includes email ticketing, social ticketing, and project management. Sprout also has premium plans, which cost $15, $35, and $49 a month billed annually. There are free trials available. Kayako, which has been around since 2001, is another cloud-based ticketing system. Kayako’s mission is to help businesses increase customer loyalty by providing excellent customer service. The software also supports HTML email for customers and staff replies.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System

A free cloud based ticketing system for WordPress should offer features that simplify ticket management. Advanced features such as automation and collaboration tools are also important. Ticketing systems should have a wide array of integrations and reporting capabilities. A high level of reporting will give you better insights into your customers and marketing strategies. Lastly, your free ticketing system should be able to handle bugs and perform basic reporting. If you have to pay for a ticketing service, you may want to find a premium option.

WPHelpDesk is an excellent premium helpdesk plugin for WordPress. It has a robust filtering system and prioritizes support queries. It also has a flexible setting for team sizes and supports integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. You can install this ticketing system easily without having to know HTML or technical skills. You can sign in using your Google account to create an account and get started.

The WATS plugin accepts tickets through email, website forms, and WordPress admin form. It does not support direct ticketing from other channels, such as social media. However, users can manually turn comments into tickets. And since it works independently from the theme, it won’t affect the speed of your website. Another bonus is that it has multilingual support for 35 languages. So, if you want to build a ticketing system for WordPress, it’s worth checking out the options below.


OTRS is a free cloud oriented ticketing system. Its user-friendly interface makes ticket management a breeze for ticket agents and customers. Allegra offers features like automatic assignment of organizational affiliation based on email domain and working time tracking. Additionally, it lets you split a ticket into smaller parts, assign ownership to other teams, and view progress on an issue. OTRS Community Edition is available for free for non-commercial use.

The system is available for free and is used by a number of organizations and industries, including ITSM and help desks. Its ticket management capabilities enable businesses to prioritize tickets based on their priority. Tickets can be accessed via chat, email, or mobile devices. Ticket status updates are also sent to customers’ mobile phones, allowing them to follow the status of a specific issue. OTRS is also capable of assigning tickets to multiple teams and service catalogs.

OTRS is a free open source application. It comes with support from an active community. If you run into any technical issues, however, expect it to take some time before a response is made. OTRS, on the other hand, is an open source application that is available globally. The app is multi-lingual and supports 34 languages by default. It also has features such as ticket locking.


While there are other cloud based ticketing systems available for free, Zendesk is a great choice for a hosted customer service solution. Its multichannel ticketing capabilities and employee self-service portal allow your team to support your customers wherever they are. You can also track problems, assets, and change requests with this cloud based system. The main downside of Zendesk is its complex setup, but it’s worth the effort for companies that are looking for an end-to-end customer service solution.

The first consideration when choosing a free ticketing system is whether it will fit into your existing technology ecosystem. You need help desk software that will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. You don’t want to be forced to change your entire system every time your needs change. This means that you need to look for a system that can grow and scale with your business. You can easily integrate your help desk software with your CRM, email, and other services.

Another advantage of Zendesk is its syncing ability. The two applications are connected and share information, enabling you to respond to customer requests in the most efficient way possible. The Zendesk API also allows you to integrate your favorite tools into Zendesk. Its flexibility makes it easy to connect with other programs and increase your revenue. There are many other advantages to using Zendesk, so take a look!

Sprout is a free cloud based ticketing system

Sprout is a free cloud -based ticketing system with powerful features for customer support and self-service. Its powerful chatbot feature and help articles allow users to self-service with their queries. Free ticketing systems like Sprout offer useful free features such as custom fields for ticket prioritization, templates for replies, and support emails. These features make it easy for help desk agents to respond to customers in a more efficient manner.

The free plan allows teams with up to three agents to use the system. It also has a variety of advanced ticketing tools, such as automated responses. Paid plans cost $29 per agent/month and go up to $79 per agent. Free plans allow you to test the platform’s features before investing in a paid plan. It’s also possible to sign up for a free trial plan to use the system for a full month before making a commitment.

Free plans include basic analytics, automations, shared canned responses, and public knowledge bases. You can also set up basic channels for social media and track brand mentions. If your organization uses WordPress, you may want to use Sprout instead of the free version. Both plans have basic features for users and feature-rich features. For WordPress users, Sprout’s WordPress Advanced Ticket System is an excellent alternative.

Sprout is a self-hosted open-source version of osTicket

Sprout is a self-hosTED version of osTicket and is also a free application. The only major drawback of osTicket is that it is a complicated piece of software to install. Moreover, it lacks social media integration, detailed analytics, live chat, and messaging. However, it is also free and suitable for small companies and organizations.

To install osTicket on your own, follow these steps: Create a database on your MySQL server, change its name to osTicket, and change its password to whatever you want. To change the osTicket user and password, go to your MySQL server’s include/i18n directory and navigate to it.

Sprout is a self-hosTED open-source version of osTicket. Sprout allows you to customize the look and feel of the help desk. It helps you collect data from your customers and routes inquiries accordingly. You can also create tasks related to tickets. You can assign tasks to specific individuals or groups of customers. Having tasks related to a ticket prevent the ticket from closing until all tasks have been completed.

Zoho Desk

In addition to its powerful feature set, Zoho Desk is also a great way to track the quality of your customer service. Customers can use the app to submit questions and request assistance. Moreover, the system allows administrators to map support processes. To do so, administrators can create “Blueprint” buttons that appear in their tickets and perform specific actions. Besides, they can also customize the app’s UX to match their brand.

It allows companies to improve customer service without ting to a desk or a phone. With its customizable dashboards, custom reports, and a variety of integration options, Zoho Desk can become a valuable part of your business. Additionally, Zoho Desk is easy to integrate with third-party software and customer service operations. The free plan limits users to three agents, while the paid plan allows unlimited use for unlimited number of agents.

Ticket assignments are automated with Zoho Desk, which assigns tickets to appropriate agents according to various criteria. It helps you to prevent customer overload and agents colliding. Zoho Desk can tailor your help desk according to the needs of each individual agent. It also allows you to assign tickets based on the preferences of each individual representative. So, no matter what type of customer service issue you have, Zoho Desk can make it easier for you.

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