Help Desk Ticketing Software List


Help Desk Ticketing Software List
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A lot of your employees’ work time can be wasted every time they run into a technical problem. They must take their files and sometimes physically walk over to the IT department to fix it. It’s a hassle and can bottleneck their workload. If you add it up, it can mean many hours of lost annual work hours per employee, cutting into your bottom line significantly. The same is true for your customers’ problems. This is where the following help desk ticketing software list comes in.

The software included in this list will effectively bring the most urgent issues to the attention of the most qualified IT personnel within your company using its smart systems of delivery. It’s hard to say no to efficiency when it’s saving you so much money.

With that said, let us name a top 10 programs that have ranked highly on our list.

10 best help desk ticketing software list:

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a personalized and efficient ticketing system built to make customer-support interaction effortless, and it is made more comfortable by allowing omnichannel interactions. Additionally, one team can use this software to compile all the relevant data into one centralized hub, which gives agents a complete history of each customer’s interaction with your company.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a service hub that allows for improved team workflow with access to a knowledge base for all internal documentation. You are able to set up an email alias for IT support and create a knowledge base for easy agent access.

Incoming customer requests are converted into tickets, easily manageable in a drag-and-drop support line. Using tools like automation, bots, and smart integrations improve productivity.

Cost: Free

3. Salesforce Service Cloud

This is a great option for all who are looking for a powerful contact management options, all-around customer documentation, auto-assigning tools, and smart routing, in addition to repetitive task automation. Built for growing businesses, this cloud service will help you get your name out there for your reliable and speedy support system.

4. Samanage

Samanage is a platform designed to serves your support team by collecting data, addressing problems, and delivering services in your company. You can set up automation rules for ticketing pathways or service approval, creating protocols for solution optimization, resource management, and so much more. Employees can effortlessly report problems and submit requests for the quick response by the best IT man for the job, through personalized channels.

Users can refer to articles published to the knowledge hub for self-served problem solving when the IT department is otherwise engaged or unavailable.

5. Freshdesk

This cloud operated system optimization software is built to deliver the services needed by businesses of all sizes, and it does so through the use of handy features such as customizable channels, incorporated game mechanics, self-service portals with the internal knowledge hub, and multiple SLA policies.

Users can easily submit reports and requests that are converted to smart tickets, speeding up the resolution time considerably, allowing your users to resume their activities.

6. Jira Service Desk

This handy service desk software allows your IT department to set up numerous projects for organizing and resolving requests. If any IT team is providing support for multiple products, departments, or customer groups, they can create different categories for each group for better optimization of the service ticket system.

Having collaborated with Confluence, Jira Service Desk allows customers and employees to use the knowledge base provided by your support team as a reference base for finding material needed to fix problems on their own.

Cost: $10/month

7. HappyFox

This software enables agents quick retrieval and creation of tickets through email or a personalized support hub. This way, they can easily tackle multiple issues through multiple channels. Within your “Ticket list” menu, viewing laying options like “Kanban view” and “Card view” allows for more customization for your agents to get a better idea of the overall workload. Opting for the premium plan gains you access to setup and management of resources and assets in your company, linking them to tickets if needed.

Cost: $29/month

8. LiveAgent

This help desk app is a robust answer to the problems of ticket management of all business companies out there. This app has advanced live chat, email, and other social media capabilities. Unlike the others on this list, choosing LiveAgent gets you started immediately because one can learn the operations of the app under 5 minutes.

Another advantage to LiveAgent is the 24/7 customer support, which comes with all the price plans available.

9. Mojo IT Helpdesk

This software is designed with G Suite in mind so you can seamlessly incorporate it to create your IT help desk on your Google Domain. This help desk will allow all tickets to be converted from service requests and queries, so they can be managed in one central hub.

10. Freshservice

This Cloud-based service is built to promote the customer service of all businesses with quick support, problem management, and automatic task categorizing. This software works with an efficient ticketing system, CMDB, a knowledge hub, and asset recovery.

Concluding words:

IT support can be made more efficient. All it requires is a little organization. Advanced ticket systems are programmed to look for keywords and refer the problem to the IT personnel best suited to the job.

Moreover, identifying the source of the problem is sometimes way better than dealing with the symptoms that come up because of it. Using the analytical tools that come with these applications, one can root out the cause. For example, if you see that a lot of customers are looking for a specific piece of information, you can revamp your knowledge hub to make finding that information easier.

There are many problems that don’t really need to have human hands to fix. Repetitive tasks are among them. They can be automated by protocols set with these robust programs so that your capable team can move on to more complex tasks.

So don’t miss out on efficiency and organization. Your competition will certainly not. Beat them optimizing your IT support team.

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