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Let’s find out what to look for when searching for a helpdesk ticket software.

Helpdesk ticket software
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A helpdesk ticketing software is a smart solution to support email queries efficiently and timely without effort duplication. The advanced software of email ticketing ensures better communication among clients and system users. The best helpdesk ticket software incorporates group access, email history, inventory tracking, multiple users log in, custom ticket browsing, follow up and monitoring of ticket status, list manipulation, and other great features that support service management.

Professional and custom approach to customer services

The ticketing software helps the customer service staff to locate the status of queries whenever they want. It is a logical approach to troubleshooting and problem management. By identifying and grouping queries and tickets, the software assigns a customer care representative with a particular task of handling specific tickets based on their qualification to handle the matter. This ensures that customers get the best support and that every staff is handling a different ticket.

Installing and using the helpdesk ticket software:

When it comes to installing the software. Most time it is an easy process, and the in-house IT support team can handle the installation process. Depending on which ticketing software you have. There will be a comprehensive user interface and automatic tagging feature with some unique ticket IDs.

The IRS or Instant Response System helps in real-time conversations among providers and seekers. With the many advanced features you can get, responding to queries from customers becomes easy, convenient, and speedy. The customer care staff can use the knowledge base to reply to questions put forward by customers through tickets.

These solutions are multi-lingual and allow fast translation according to client preferences. Moreover, the templates let you build unconstrained satellite helpdesks and custom design and substance.

Ticket views feature makes it easy to filter incoming tickets lists. Sorting, customizing, and using additional filters to manage the ticket for better status review makes the helpdesk ticket software indisputable. The login sharing features ensure that clients and users login simultaneously without having to remember passwords, and this is controlled from a single database.

Generating reports is easy with the advanced filters and makes sorting by date, department, time, client, or user easy. The software also makes it easy to track the service level agreement status. Additionally, task summary and workload analysis enhance the service management features by tracking system operators’ activity within a specific time in a support ticket software.

Purchased Software and Free Software:

When it comes to getting a helpdesk ticket software, you will realize that there are open source software and also paid software. The only issue with free software is that sometimes these are inferior versions, and they cannot do much. On the other hand, the purchased ticketing software offers the best features and allows customization. The paid software will meet your business needs, and you can always get remote support whenever you encounter problems.

What to look for when buying a helpdesk ticket software:

Before you decide to buy a ticketing software, you should know that not all programs are the same. If you buy a substandard product, you will get poor results, and your customer care system will fail. If you are not sure which ticketing program to look for, below are things to consider.

Two-way hooks:

If your company ticketing software can pull data from somewhere on your ticketing system, and automatically write back to your company choices of database, report, and archive software, that is a great solution. It will save you money as you will not have to pay individuals to do all that work. Too many staff spend lots of copy-pasting when it should be an automatic process. Be sure to get a helpdesk ticket software that can do all these.

Speed tweaks:

Ask your self the following:

  • Does your helpdesk software allow you to make changes to the default screen flow to suit your needs?
  • Can the program keep track of the time it takes to perform specific tasks, and how long does it take for support staff to solve a problem or get from one point to another in the interface?
  • Does the system allow adjustments to minimize delays?
  • Can the software preload data?

If the helpdesk ticket software you are getting cannot do all these, you will be paying the staff to sit down for hours waiting for the software to stop jiggling. Ensure you are getting software that offers top speed, and it very efficient.

Automation process:

What workflows does your ticketing software handle automatically? What data sources does the system check in the background as the support team is working? Be sure you are buying software that offers automation features to ensure the technicians do not waste time doing some processes manually.


Does your ticketing program use a backend server, store, and co-ordinate ticket numbers? If the support technician computer loses its connection to the server, is the ticketing software sufficiently smart to switch over to non-net-worked mode, and then resynchronize later? Before settling on any ticketing software, look out for features that prevent redundancy.

Nonlinear input:

If your helpdesk ticket software needs that ticket info fields be completed in a specific order, then the tool is wasting a lot of time. There is no single excuse for hard coding this at all. Default code is OK, but must be changeable, and must be over-rideable all times. Your in-house team is smarter than the software and therefore do not make the sides fight – more so because you are paying for it.

Customizable interface:

The best helpdesk ticket software easily adapts to any business needs. But you may find that a ticketing program has many features that your business does not need. Therefore, focus on finding an easily customizable helpdesk software – one that you can add and remove features to make it custom.

Soft-required fields:

There is no absolute requirement for a specific field. Do not prevent your support team from completing 95% of a ticket simply because one field you marked as mandatory is not available. You can flag it, make it flash orange or red, log it to a specific file for later assessment by a senior supervisor, but do not force your support team to spend so much time finding the way around the brick wall.

Object attachability:

When looking for a helpdesk ticket software, look for a program that allows attachments. There is nothing as boring as text-only ticketing software. You should be able to put HTML or RTF compatibility in your ticket body to ensure they can easily attach links, files, and objects. This makes it easy to show auditors or trainees how things went wrong or right, what to watch out for, and how to fix it. This makes the whole ticketing process easy.

There is a lot in choosing a helpdesk software, and I hope the above information will be of great help. All it takes is good research, knowing your company’s needs, and then going for a solution that your business can afford.

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