How To Get The Most From Your Autodesk Customer Service Request

An Autodesk customer service request can range from a simple inquiry about an item or service to an on-site consultation with a technical specialist. Many questions that customers ask relate to the ordering process. After entering in all of the necessary information, the customer selects the items and submits the order. The system automatically transfers the customer’s order information to the manufacturer or distributor for processing.

Sometimes, however, an inquiry comes in that cannot be answered within the scope of an automatic transfer. In these cases, the customer has to contact the customer service department. To do this, the customer must use the Autodesk Knowledge Database. This database provides ready answers to frequently asked questions. The customer selects the database from a list on the Knowledge Database tab. When a question is typed, it will show a series of possible options.

In most cases, the suggested answer will be in one of the following fields: “I don’t understand” or “That is not applicable.” Other possible fields are the following: “Risk level,” ” Pricing,” ” warranty time,” ” Returns,” ” warranties,” ” Delivery/pick up information,” “I need more information,” “I want a quote.” Any additional information is usually presented in the form of an on-screen request form.

Once a customer service request has been submitted, it is scanned through the Knowledge Database and any of the appropriate options are listed for your selection. If the suggested answer is correct, you will be given the option to accept or deny the service request. It typically takes 30 seconds for the service request to be processed.

Once the customer service request has been accepted or denied, the customer will receive an acknowledgment email. This email contains information on the service that was provided – including a link to a PDF file with the suggested solution to the problem. This is the customer service representative’s chance to offer his/her advice or suggestion. A good representative does not hesitate to offer advice or suggestions and makes it clear that they are interested in working with the customer. The customer will be offered a choice to accept the suggested solution or to contact the representative for more information. Should the suggested solution to be acceptable, the customer will be directed to the Customer Service Center where he/she will be able to access the Knowledge Database for instructions on how to resolve the problem.

Many Autodesk customers are impressed by the quick turnaround time and the fact that they do not have to guess at the suggested solution or to contact the customer service representative for follow-up assistance. Some Autodesk customers also find the self-service nature of their customer service requests to be a big plus. They can go into the Knowledge Database with the suggested solution, enter their shipping and return details, and the product is sent for production and assembly to them. Most Autodesk service centers have highly skilled workers who are able to quickly assemble parts or complete entire assemblies. Even the parts that have not been assembled, such as a chair or a piano bench, often find themselves in a ready to assemble container for shipping.

One of the most popular ways to get help from Autodesk is to use the Knowledge Database. In this section of the Knowledge Database, users can search for products, models, specifications, descriptions, troubleshooting tips, and answers to many Autodesk customer service request questions. You can also use the Knowledge Database to look up product support information, including online forums and troubleshooting sections.

If an issue cannot be resolved within the specified timeframe outlined by the customer service request, an associate will be dispatched to the customer’s location to assist in whatever way possible. Sometimes an associate can resolve an issue by providing the customer with additional information, or by suggesting a product repair service. In some cases, the associate will give the customer direction on where to go to find additional information. Autodesk customers can usually expect to receive their answers within 24 hours.