HubSpot Help Desk Software – A Thorough Review

Today we are looking at HubSpot Help Desk Software, a thorough review that will help you be more familiar with it.

HubSpot Help Desk Software
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Business startups are hard – and that’s an understatement. If you dived into this arena thinking that things would become easier over time, you were wrong and you probably know that by now. As businesses grow, so does the effort in keeping them thriving and expanding into new horizons, meaning that you will need to up your ante to keep things at their level best. At the same time, we are all humans, and managing so many factors like the latest market trends, hoards of customer queries, and resolving any client issues is cumbersome.

This is where HubSpot, a help desk software originally founded in 2005 and active ever since kicks in. This software uses strategic client management and funnels marketing strategies to get consumers to explore your products and then make their decision. The huge user network of more than 70K individuals who use it boost their businesses, sales, and customer interactions, is enough to suggest that this tool deserves the admiration it has bagged.


What Do We Like About HubSpot?

HubSpot has earned the trust and admiration of thousands of users and has expanded into many modern business setup frameworks. Let’s face it: door to door branding and telemarketing are relics of the past that are irrelevant in the modern era and, to be honest, very annoying as well. This necessitates the use of software like HubSpot that boosts your customer reach without being too clingy. With it plethora of features, communication with potential clients is better than ever.

Tools like live chat, messaging, and ticket management (for effective issue resolution) make it easier for business owners to address the concerns of existing and potential clients. Such tools also ensure that you offer premium customer support to all people without discrimination. HubSpot also allows you to pull up customers’ records during communication, allowing agents to communicate with them effectively and help them get what they want.

Prices and Plans – Which One Should You Opt For?

To say that HubSpot has a lot of features would be a cruel oversimplification; the software is loaded with tons of useful tools that help you grow your business. As the product brands itself “from Starters to Enterprise”, the tiers are indeed designed as such.

The basic software is free and offers an impressive array of features, given that it doesn’t charge a single penny for them. These free features include management of contacts, access to their website activity (on your site), communication channels that are both direct and indirect (emails and social media), marketing tools, ticket management, and so on.

These features, though numerous and praiseworthy, are merely the tip of the HubSpot iceberg. The software has three paid tiers, each equipped with progressively premium features with increasing cost value. The Starter, Professional, and Enterprise tiers are quite self-explanatory by their names alone and demand no elaboration – it all depends on how big your business is.

If you’re just starting, you should opt for the HubSpot freemium version. Once you get to explore the software and realize what features you need in the premium package (if you need any), opt for the corresponding tier.

Premium features may either be upgraded or unrestricted versions of free features or those which may absent altogether in the free version. These tools increase in number and effectiveness as you move along the paid plans. You can also opt for one of the growth sites offered by HubSpot, which corresponds to the three tiers i.e. Starter Growth Site. These can help you improve your business outreach if you don’t already have a site.

Free CRM Technology

HubSpot has a host of features, both freemium and premium, but the one that deserves special mention is its free CRM technology. This tool can be used in its entirety without spending a single penny and is one of the most effective of its kind.

CRM allows you to observe contracts (and their progress), manage business affairs, and manage the time effectively. This is one of the features that makes HubSpot ideal for boosting your business’s growth, making it more goal-oriented than it ever could be otherwise.

Additional Features to Consider

Communication channels are worth praising not simply because of their effectiveness but also because they are versatile and spread throughout multiple platforms. You can use email, social media, and even live chat (and call) to bridge a stronger connection between you and the clients. Whilst calling, you may pull up the customer’s history to better address their concerns.

Another feature deserving the limelight is its effective ticket management system. Businesses thrive on superior customer support and HubSpot offers nothing short of that with its ticket system. The tickets are arranged in order of priority, allowing your customer service reps to extend support to urgent requests first; this ensures that you stay on top of your business niche and offer the best customer service.

Pros and Cons of HubSpot Help Desk Software

While there is much to be adored about HubSpot, it does fall back in some areas too. Keep reading to find out:


  • The freemium version is highly impressive
  • There are over 300 features and tools integrated within this service
  • Marketing options are remarkably effective
  • The ticket management service ensures top-notch customer service
  • Multiple communication channels make it easier for users to contact their clients
  • The UI is well optimized and ready for action


  • The paid tiers can be a bit pricy for some
  • Some people may claim that there should be more than three paid tiers for more customized options


Final Verdict

Despite some limitations, there is much to be loved and appreciated about the HubSpot Help Desk Software. Not only does the tool offer a host of features, it offers most of them in the freemium version. If your business expands thanks to this software, you can opt for a better (paid) tier to keep matters running apace with the ever-changing modern business world.


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