Office 365 ticketing system features and advantages

Features and advantages of Office 365 ticketing system include customer notification and a multilingual and ever-active knowledge base keep on reading to find more.

Office 365 ticketing system features and advantages
Office 365 ticketing system features and advantages | Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Office 365 is a collection of subscription services released by the famous Microsoft Corporation targeting enterprise markets. Like its predecessors, Office 365 comes with classic Microsoft Office products and new additions and follows a subscription model, unlike the earlier one-time purchase model. It allows users to use Microsoft products and cloud-based services for the lifetime of the subscription. The subscription model comes with an added advantage: all Office 365 products can be updated with no additional cost, while updating a one-time purchase of Office products requires purchasing a new version altogether and comes with various features to help the ticketing system become more efficient.

Customer Notification

Companies with an Office 365 driven ticketing system can notify customers about creating their tickets, the necessary actions that will be taken, and the pace at which the issue will be resolved. An Office 365 ticketing system ensures quick, hassle-free, and efficient ticketing management. The product provides data-driven, real-time insights to help managements take more efficient decisions and undertake corrective measures to resolve the tickets better.

The Office 365 ticketing system has features like Need Help and Call us buttons to carry out phone conversations with customers. The New Service Request menu option, a feature new to the Office 365 Admin ticketing system and the “Need Help” button can be used to raise a new ticket. Customer support communications can be done using emails in the product with the new “Email Us” option in Office 365 Admin Centre portal. The Office ticketing system currently supports up to 5MB of attachments, which will be scaled up in the future.

The portal also shows the status of all tickets raised, with the most recent ticket on top. IT professionals can update their tickets but will not change the email address, contact person, or the issue description of a ticket.

Premier Users of Office 365 Admin Centre can label a priority ticket as “Critical,” which Microsoft will escalate accordingly. Such tickets will be routed to the Critical Situation management team that will look after the incident communications until Premier Engineers resolve the issue in the ticket.

Easy to use User Interface

The Office 365 ticketing system has a user interface tailored for efficiency, allowing customers to stay updated about their tickets, filter tickets based on pre-defined conditions or user-defined conditions, and get updated about overdue tickets. It allows help desk agents to directly interact with the customers and keep the discussions in a single place. Agents can also check the requester’s name and the previous conversations they have had. Moreover, tickets can assign to individuals or groups on a priority basis. The ticketing system can automate recurring tasks with schedules and triggers. The system also contains a ticket resolution path which is a guided process with steps and stages to resolve an issue.

Help desk agents can reopen a ticket when using a ticketing system. If they may have made a mistake or the issue was reopened. Agents can track the timeline of the activities in a case resolution process. This includes the emails received, case-related notes, follow-up tasks for agents, and more.

Multilingual and ever-active Knowledge base

A Knowledge base is crucial for any ticketing system, and Office 365 ticketing system is no exception. It has a knowledge base editor to create articles for the customers and agents. The articles can then be approved, scheduled, and published in the knowledge base. As customers need not necessarily understand English, a multilingual feature for knowledge base articles can be life-saving. This product can translate articles and even publish articles in supported languages. It has a self-service portal whereby customers can get their frequently asked questions answered without raising a ticket. Moreover, the Office 365 ticketing system has a virtual agent or a chatbot driven by natural language processing. This can be helpfull to resolve customers’ issues without having a human agent in place.

Insightful analytics of Office 365 ticketing system

Office 365 ticketing system provides insightful reports into the performance of the help desk team. Customer Service insights provide helpful information to improve metrics like wait times, resolution rates, and others. It can take feedback from customers and employees. That can be used to create contextual insights to better the performance of the help desk agents. Natural learning processing helps virtual agents understand customers’ and employees’ emotions. Moreover, companies can see whether the articles in the knowledge base help with the data or the number of times an article has been viewed, used, or sent to customers and employees. This also allows companies to find out the topics with the highest demand.

Why should companies have an Office 365 ticketing system?

An Office 365  comes with a wide range of benefits, given that the product is from the world-famous Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has now updated the terms of purchase of its products and the corresponding expiration of the product. When companies plan to have a ticketing system with Office 365, they have to purchase an Office 365 license. Purchasing a single Office 365 license gives the company access to other important applications from Microsoft. An application like OneDrive, Skype, Office Applications, and Microsoft Source add-ins.

Using Office 365 apps within the Microsoft environment allows companies to integrate the apps with other apps from the same environment. Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Flow can be used to create multiple working conditions without having to rely on external integration. Given the reputation of Microsoft Corporation, compromises on the data security of apps from Microsoft are out of the question. Having an Office 365 ticketing system means complete data protection and backup facilities. All of a companies’ data will be backed up and is retrievable at any time.

Microsoft subscription model

Microsoft’s move of switching from a one-time purchase model to a subscription model for using its applications. This is good news for all, including companies trying to have a ticketing system with Office 365. Office 365 now runs on a flexible monthly or yearly subscription plan. This allows customers, i.e., companies, to increase or decrease the number of beneficiaries of a plan by paying extra costs if needed. This allows companies to scale up without feeling locked in a contract.

Given that many people use Office 365, Microsoft has ensured its products can be used with ease. Companies can use a trial version of Office 365 before purchasing. Preview images and videos are available for all Office 365 products. This had been done to allow companies to make up their minds before purchasing Office 365. Most importantly, Office 365 can be easily configured and used.

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