Office 365 ticketing system

Office 365 ticketing system, its measuring, tracking service improve with incident resolution time, and what is the benefit of blending office 365 groups or helpdesk.

Office 365 ticketing system
Office 365 ticketing system | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Presumably, you went through the reception stage and discovered that Microsoft Groups interface you to the primary specialized tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, etc. It’s about how to design correspondence inside your association.

Can you turn Office 365 Group into a service desk?

However, shouldn’t something be said about correspondence with your clients or the following issue? With Office 365 Groups, you can make a different group site for any undertaking you are chipping away at. Afterward, you can engage the group site with Plumsail HelpDesk for Microsoft 365. It’s effortless — simply introduces it there. Here you can discover directions on the most proficient method to do that. During the establishment, you need to give the URL of the Office 365 ticketing system, and that is it, in a short time, you have a tagging framework.

With HelpDesk, you can arrange to dole out passes to any Office 365 Groups you have. Individuals from that Group will get advised regarding the new ticket. Colleagues will want to see appropriate data about the ticket and help tackle client concerns more proficiently.

The administration work area…

The administration work area incorporated into Office 365 looks great as you will be getting all force of applications such as Outlook, OneDrive, and so forth. Beneath I will investigate this, yet now I’d prefer to flaunt a smidgen.

In Plumsail HelpDesk, you have everything for offering great help. Like gadgets for end-clients, you can give a UI to inner or outside clients without giving them admittance to all tickets.

With HelpDesk, you will have the scheduler set up various activities on unsolved tickets.

Additionally, you can allow your clients to rate each tackled ticket with consumer loyalty review assistance. With a single tick on the symbol, End-Users can communicate how they feel about your client support.

Estimate that is sufficient about HelpDesk, we should return to the primary concern. What’s the benefit of blending Office 365 Groups or HelpDesk?

Office 365 ticketing system extra benefits


Utilizing OneDrive is an extraordinary route for sharing docs outside your association. OneDrive will be the substance vault that permits you to transfer data, for example, records and documents with individuals you welcome. In HelpDesk, you can add connections to your pass to give more settings to customers on the current case, yet OneDrive is advanced for putting away your business content. Thus, you can go greater.


Try not to hush up about it! Divide thoughts among your associates. Mainly when it is simpler coordinated into your gathering exercises. The information base in HelpDesk will supplement this one. Use it to store answers to the most widely recognized inquiries. It is conceivable that someone previously responded to a similar question prior. You can check the information base before addressing the investigation.


You can design an appropriate task on the board with Microsoft Planner. Here you can make a card for each errand to add remarks, connections, date, status, etc. Each individual from the Group approaches designs and will get warnings to show up as an email. Use Planner for relegating errands for colleagues or control dealing with some undertaking. For instance, you can make an errand identified with a ticket from HelpDesk and screen how things are going. In undertaking’s card, you can determine the due date and appointee with whom you can talk. Plans can be public or private: if the Group is shared, the Plan is general.


You can keep up your customers from your post box. For instance, by arranging fundamental triggers in HelpDesk, you can design ticket properties like status, need, or class. Look at this quick tip to discover how to do that. It’s a given that Outlook gives you greater portability as you can offer help in a hurry.

Microsoft Teams: 

For a constant discussion, Teams is an incredible tool. Envision that your Tier 1 allies can undoubtedly arrive at Tier 2 people while discussing with somebody from Sales. What’s more, simultaneously, everyone has a different discussion with their group—genuine promoter for the efficiency. When you introduce HelpDesk, you have all tools to quantify how your customers feel about help interaction and how it functions all in all — use reports to learn everything. What’s more, it is only convenient to keep a point-by-point record of every client’s issues in a single spot.

Through point by point following solicitations and effective line the executives, tickets are settled rapidly and client fulfilment increments. IT Help Desk for Office 365 causes you to Track and Manage all these, and the sky is the limit from there:

  • IT Support Incidents
  • Hardware and Software demands
  • Configuration change demands
  • Password/email demands
  • New client arrangement
  • Website change demands
  • Client/Customer Support
  • Application deformity following

Help Desk running in Office 365:

  • Powerful Forms Designer
  • Custom Actions for proficient preparing
  • NITRO Workflow motor
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Intuitive Portal Interfaces

Measuring and Tracking Service 

  • Complete report work with Excel, PowerBI, and other announcing devices
  • Full occurrence following, time following, and following by project
  • Report on assistance levels and programmed heightening
  • Satisfaction reviews connected to at finishing of solicitation

Improvement of Incident Resolution Time 

From inside an IT Ticket, you will be able to:

  • Access an information base
  • See related tickets
  • Create sub-undertakings
  • Access resource and hardware data
  • View equipment, programming, limit, and updates data
  • Schedule arrangements

Should you build a help desk on top of Microsoft 365?

We made a HelpDesk with energy for human-accommodating client service. Presently we use it as our tagging framework. All that you find in our assistance work area has gone through our joy engineers and us.

By human-accommodating, I mean inviting everybody — to clients, to specialists, to entrepreneurs, to chairpersons.

As of end clients, we were burnt out on exchanging between various outsider frameworks and needed to convey a bound together client experience to our representatives. That is the reason we chose to oblige office 365. It gives a solitary working environment to all representatives. We decided to make our assistance work area a piece of the Office 365 environment.

SharePoint and Office 365…

Indeed, in all likelihood, you have a novel help measure or simply need to change something. That is another motivation behind why our assistance work area is based on the top of SharePoint and Office 365. It is adjustable. It is conceivable to utilize standard SharePoint highlights like making new records, libraries, fields, pages, and so forth. Microsoft Flow and SharePoint work processes can assist with computerizing the tagging framework. It appears to be simple, and much of the time, it is simple; however, it requires profound information on SharePoint. We knew about it and furnished our assistance work area with a bunch of easy to use instruments:

  • Plumsail Forms to change structures with intuitive. It is accessible in the assistance work area with liberating.
  • Triggers to play out certain activities dependent on conditions. For instance, the course passes to particular specialists, send custom notices, and execute custom work processes.
  • Scheduler to execute periodical errands, as intermittent warnings or other routine undertakings.
  • Dashboard Designer to make and alter diagrams for reports dashboard.
  • Workflow Actions Pack with over a hundred work process activities can computerize almost any SharePoint and Office 365 related undertaking.

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