How to choose online helpdesk software for your business

The ultimate goal of an online helpdesk software is the improvement of experiences of the people that matter the most to any business and that is the customers who purchase the goods and services that the company offers.

Online helpdesk software
Online helpdesk software | Image by Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay

For this reason, a good help desk must specifically deal with queries that are initiate by customers who require support.

Online helpdesk software as the solution:

Online helpdesk software is a solution that supports secure online access for the customer. Enable support team to respond to customer queries from a remote location thus saving time. It also enables the company resources to concentrate on the core business by improving the quality of products. Doing that by taking less time to respond to customer queries. In effect, there is a good and smooth engagement between customers and the chosen support agents.

It must be devoid of other customer-related issues such as marketing and outreach and be fully dedicated to supporting. The best way to offer support to customers is by responding to their queries. Helping them to improve their experiences while using your products and services.

In this article, we shall provide you with a guide that will help you in determining the best helpdesk software for your business.

Start with your customer service team:

Your customer service team is responsible for tackling customer queries and offering support. It is the main department that will be utilizing the help desk software and should, therefore, be involved from the beginning. While the input of other teams is important and should be taken into consideration. The customer service team’s role is very crucial and the process should start with this department.

Keeping in mind your goal which is to get a good view of the customer service processes. You should evaluate your current processes as they are to determine the areas of improvement that are required. You should come up with a list of tasks that your team performs on a day to day basis. Areas where you are likely to face slow-downs, and what actions and efforts are appreciated by customers most. On the same breath, you should also note down the current efficiency of the current service department. Noting down how their work is impacting, on customer experience.

The process will be completed by getting input from the current service team on the areas they consider important for a good help desk solution for them and the value it should create. Being the interface with clients, they are likely to know best what input they will require from the new software. This discussion with the team will enable you to put away unrealistic expectations away. It will also give you a clear path of what is best for your organization.

Determine your specific needs:

The next step is to consider how the new help desk tool will fit in the current existing customer support processes. This is the point where you will determine the right channels to use. After all, exceptional service must provide to your customers. This is something we must have. These channels are the means through which your customers spend their time on. They give you an opportunity to ensure that their problems are effectively solved.

This is the point at which you will find a balance between having channels that help your clients most based on their expectations and at the same time having a channel that works in the most optimal manner for your team. Finding this balance is important for everyone in the cycle.

Common areas that a desk software focuses on are as follows:


It is one of the most widely used channels to communicate with customers. On the new interface, the portal will change from your current one to the one provided for by the desk software but it will work in the same way as before.

Ticketing Portal-Modern help desk software has a portal that allows your customer service team to queue and ticket customer requests as they come through and assign them to the available customer service agent for support. This method identifies and categorizes queries according to the right group.


Phone calls should be one of the default options for customers to have. Customers feel well taken care of if they are having many options through which they can ask for support.  This is more true, especially for urgent support needs.

SMS (text message):

The text message portal should also give to the customers as an option. It will work for those who are not able to call or send an email. It can also use to provide the customer with updates about their query.  Especially if it has taken a long time to be sorted out. Customers feel appreciated when they updated date information is provide to them.

Social Media:

In the internet age, well today. You have a wide section of your customers being active on social media. Helpdesk tools had to find a way to reach them through this channel. A good help desk software should have an interface with your company’s social media pages. To give your customer support experience with a modern feel. Social media help engages existing and potential customers. With the use of this channel.

Relationship with your clients:

Customer support, using an online helpdesk service is about relationships with customers. Customers are human beings who have feelings, emotions, aspirations, dreams all in one. Therefore they should be handle in a manner that appreciates their attributes.

Using an automated help desk mechanism allows your company to offer support. By using a hands-off approach where the software takes customers through the help they require. This kind of support works for customers who want a solution. A solution to a well-known problem based on your experience in the industry.

However, there are customers who still appreciate getting help from a human voice. They appreciate it because they feel valued when they talk to a person directly. Feeling like he handles individually. There are times when talking to customers directly can benefit your business. This is because it grows your loyal customers. Customers will be really appreciate for being handle by an individual representative.

It is therefore important to consider what kind of customers you have and their preferences before making a changeover. It is best if you can do a customer survey to understand what they actually want.

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