5 Best Online Trouble Ticket System for 2021

Today we are talking about online trouble ticket system, what is it? and its features of a ticketing system with 5 best for you to use.

Online trouble ticketing systems
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Many people think that planning is the most difficult challenge while starting a new business, but this is not true; the real challenge is engaging with customers and monitoring every single thing. Customer service is the parameter that matters the most in the market. Most businesses invest a huge amount of money in it to keep up with the trend and its demands. Nowadays, technology has provided different AI-powered customer service tools. If you are planning to start a new business and want to deliver your customers with a prompt service, then a trouble ticket system is perfect as it promises to be a reliable companion.

What is a Trouble Ticketing System?

Do you remember the days when business seemed to be a challenge and was only done face-to-face? It was very time-consuming to visit each client individually and resolve their issues; this wasted not only money but effort as well.

The introduction of trouble ticketing system has changed the way business deals are done as it automatically generates tickets from service requests, along with features that manage customer emails and phone calls. It also systemizes most of the suites and gains accuracy in reporting an optimization. At present, a ticketing system is considered to be a single-stop point for employees and customers reaching out for any issue.

A trouble ticketing system is a mutual platform where a company’s clients can ask about their problems. The system allows businesses to address consumers’ questions and complaints through the processing of tickets from collection to settlement. It also provides negotiators with a wide range of tools and support to help them respond promptly and properly to queries.

Features of a Ticketing System

Modern ticketing systems allow you to easily communicate with your customers, connect you with the technology that your organization needs, and track the matrices that will assist you in identifying the demands of the work.

When it comes to finding such software for your firm, you will find a variety of them in the market. Each has its unique features that determine how suitable it is for your specific requirements. Here is a quick rundown of all the features you should look out for to narrow down your choices and making your final selection:

·        Support Portal

Whenever you experience an issue, you try to find a solution on your own and you contact customer service only if you are unable to resolve the problem. Therefore, various external knowledge parameters such as troubleshooting guides, product updates, and frequently asked questions promise to reduce the strain on your agents; customers can easily access this information on their own.

A good ticketing system comes with a built-in support panel that enables the company to externally publish content; other than that, a better system will have a well-organized portal that allows the users to browse by category so they easily can reach the information related to their particular case. For further growth on the self-service, you can permit the customers to post their queries on a public forum where other users can reply with helpful solutions.

·        Ticket System Competence

The chief feature to look out for is the ticketing management; therefore, make sure that the system you have selected for your business can perform several tasks such as routing, escalating, assigning, reassigning, closing, and cancelling tickets. The more functions a software offers, the better control you have over different events and tasks. You should also check for filtering and tagging methods because they are the parameters that assist you in speeding up the search and grouping tickets for majority actions.

·        Collaboration Tools

A good ticketing system is one that allows users to work together on three different levels. The first level is between agents so they can operate on challenging tickets. The second level is amongst departments, allowing agents to tap the other resources of the organization and the last level is between customers and agents in times when a situation needs feedback from individual users to help develop the service.

·        Performance Insights

In addition to customer query insights, a good system will even evaluate the performance of the company’s team. Most companies work under service agreements and the software can judge how well the agents are performing according to these conditions; this can include the number of tickets dealt with and the average time taken to resolve an issue.

·        Customization

To fully use the system, your ticketing system should have the capability to adapt to your basic workflows. Likewise, solutions should be available for branding the templates and interface. You do not want to lose your potential customers by making them feel unwanted due to generic responses.

·        Security

As a business, you must provide security and maintain your client’s trust, which means investing in a system that hackers can’t get into. Make sure that your ticketing system includes message encryption so that, even if an outside party intercepts the message, they will not be able to understand the contents. It should also include IP restrictions so only authorized personnel are allowed access to customer data. The software should also have a high-end anti-virus software so that no one can transmit corrupted files using this channel.

5 Best online trouble ticket system for 2020:

1.    ProProfs Ticketing System

At the top of the list, we have an amazing ticketing system that’s definitely worth a try – it is ProProfs. This system is equipped with advanced features that allow you to answer customers’ questions and solve their queries timely, whereas its easy-to-use interface makes this task much easier for you. You can keep track of everything using the performance insight tools; right from the customer’s contact to the resolving of a ticket on a single dashboard.

ProProfs is a smart ticketing system that allows you to collaborate with the support agent using internal notes even on complex tickets. Other than that, you have an option to split a complex ticket into sub tickets so that you can assign them to the relevant support department. You can easily get insight into customer satisfaction and can also monitor your agents’ performance.


  • Exceptional ticket management
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Keeps track of agents’ performance
  • Comes with internal notes


  • Difficult to set additional categories
  • The trial version has limited functionality

2.    Zendesk Ticketing System

Zendesk is not only a ticketing system but is also a platform that is perfect for engagement and customer service. It offers support for Omnichannel, so all customers can access it using phones, social media, chats, and emails. To help customers build a good experience, it offers everything that they require and hence is best for carrying out all sorts of interactions.

Zendesk is considered to be one of the most popular ticketing systems available on the market. Due to its wide range, it can be used for almost all kinds of communication platforms and all industries. The well-equipped customizable support portal comes with all kinds of features. The system allows customers to see the replies of the agents, browse through other people’s tickets, and it even has a community forum where customers can discuss different products and ask questions from each other without adding to the incoming traffic.

No matter how large a business is, Zendesk can handle everything. Its customizable tools permit you to prioritize and customize tickets. The systems most interesting feature is that it sends the tickets automatically to the best agent so that your problem can be solved efficiently.


  • The system comes with customizable tools
  • Well-equipped support portal
  • Skill-based assignment and categorization
  • Has a free version


  • Beginners experience difficulty in navigation
  • The free version has limited functionality

3.    SolarWinds Ticketing System

Next on the list, we have another excellent ticketing system: SolarWinds Web. The system comes with different features including incident tracking, asset management, automated ticketing management, SLA reporting, and remote support integration. The system’s layout helps ensure the timely response of all tickets and allows you to save your potential time. With the automated ticketing management feature, you can automate tasks such as ticket routing, assignment, and escalation; for instance, if a ticket is left unattended for more than 45 minutes, it notifies superiors so that they can take the appropriate action. It also includes an option to aid customers about the status of their pending queries. The self-service support portal allows customers to solve their issues externally on their own.

The SolarWinds ticketing system offers compatibility to 140+ third-party apps and can be used on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone so that no user experiences any issues and can access it easily. The system is an annual subscription-based software and provides reports to help you measure SLAs. However, its main setback is its out-dated layout, which might disappoint you.


  • Compatible with 140+ third-party apps
  • Comes with an external support portal
  • Reports to measure SLAs
  • Great for time management


  • Lacks a prioritization feature
  • Its outdated layout is its major setback

4.    SysAid Ticketing System

If you are looking for a ticketing system that will enhance your business, then you should consider SysAid. The system is built for businesses for all kinds of industries. Even though it is primarily a cloud-based system, it allows you to go for an on-premise instalment of your choice.

You will be surprised by SysAid’s high-level ticket management system, not just the versatility it offers. It is a smart system that categorizes each ticket as per its requirements and, after sorting, prioritizes them according to the company’s urgency levels. It also provides statistics on all the agents’ performance; this feature of the SysAid trouble ticking system is great to ensure the timely management of more critical tasks and making sure that the agent is connected to the precise operation. Most of the customers have mentioned that they can reach different businesses through this system via third-party phone, email, or even apps. Using the self-service platform it offers, you can reduce the number of tickets coming into the company.

Even though SysAid has many advantages, it is a bit difficult to use. Adding more categories in it is also not an easy job. It does not include any option for reassigning a ticket to another agent so, in case you have to do so, you should never think of it in the first place.


  • The system can perform insights on different categories
  • It is versatile
  • Comes with a smart support portal
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • It is difficult to set up additional categories
  • Lacks the feature to reassign tickets
  • Difficult to use

5.    FreshDesk Ticketing System

Another smart ticketing system we have on our list is FreshDesk. It is a cloud-based system that makes use of a more modern approach to ticketing. The system not only allows you to connect to emails and phones, but to social media platforms as well; this seems to be an easy way for customers to reach out and connect to your company. FreshDesk’s contact management hub contains all the information related to contact details and tickets in one place, thus making communication even easier.

The paid plans of the system will perform all kinds of tasks for you such as ticket filtering, prioritization, categorization, and skill-based assignment. The only issue is that you have to go for this as the system itself has very limited functionality.


  • Contact management hub is exceptional
  • It comes with categorization and skill-based assignment
  • The system offers multi-channel compatibility
  • Offers a free version


  • The free version has limited functionality
  • The system lacks a support portal

Final Words

A smart yet efficient ticketing system fulfils all the requirements of modern companies. Opting for the best ticketing system is quite challenging and that is why we have provided you with the 5 best trouble ticketing systems for 2020, along with the features you should consider before choosing one for your business.

Although we are sure that any of the above-mentioned systems will work great for you, we would suggest first determining your needs and preferences and choosing whichever ticket system fits them the best.


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