5 Best Patch Management Software To Know About

What is Patch Management Software? Here Are Top 5 Patch Management Software

Patch Management Software
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What is a Patch Management Software?

Patch management Software are utilized to guarantee that the parts of an organization’s software stack and IT foundation are cutting-edge. These software works by following updates of different software and middleware arrangements. They then, at that point, ready clients of vital updates or execute refreshes consequently.

For what reason Do I Need to Use Patch Management Software?

Patch management apparatuses are basic since they permit you to refresh different gadgets from one geographic area. Maybe than refreshing bunches of organization gadgets independently, you can refresh them by and large through one stage. From one UI, you can push software and firmware updates to gadgets associated with your organization.

Patch management software is helpful on the grounds that it saves the client time and makes overseeing patches a lot simpler. Being in the situation to keep gadgets refreshed decreases the probability of a gadget being unpatched and compromised.

1. Syxsense Manage

Syxsense Manage is a cloud-based endpoint management framework that is especially solid on patch management capacities. The help can direct PCs running Windows, macOS, and Linux. It likewise can oversee IoT gadgets.

Key Features

  • Endpoint revelation
  • Operating system and software patching
  • Distributed storage

Syxsense is a decent choice for IT offices that are presently severely overseen. On the off chance that you have recently assumed control over an IT framework that has developed erratically has helpless documentation, Syxsense Manage will figure out each of your concerns with a progression of computerized processes. The principal thing you really wanted is to find and rundown just for your endpoints and Syxsense Manage does that through a robotized resource revelation process. This is a constant framework so any progressions to the resource stock get identified and logged without provoking.

Syxsense Manage makes a software stock for every endpoint, making details and realities accessible in the management console cut per bundle, per supplier, and per endpoint.

Settings in the Syxsense console conclude when patches are applied – they can be run on endorsement or consequently, at the following accessible booked support schedule opening or right away. All activities of Syxsense Manage are logged, which makes a review trail that is appropriate for use for SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS consistence.


  • Straightforward and natural UI, extraordinary utilization of shading to show key measurements
  • Cloud-based help makes work area management adaptable, particularly for remote groups
  • Adaptable estimating settles on it an extraordinary decision for any size organization
  • Offers arrangement profiles that assist with smoothing out onboarding new gadgets


  • Would incline toward a more extended time for testing to evaluate every one of the components

Syxsense Manage incorporates 50GB of distributed storage space for review logs and accessible patch records. The control center for the help is situated in the cloud and can be gotten to through any standard program. Syxsense charges for the Manage bundle by membership with the littlest accessible arrangement covering 10 gadgets at $600 each year.

2. Atera Patch Management

Atera is a patch management arrangement and RMM software stage. This device is planned explicitly for little to moderate sized organizations and gives a dashboard-based observing experience. It is SaaS-based so you can refresh patches on your organization gadgets regardless of where you are found. Patches can be recognized and consequently refreshed to keep your organization refreshed with insignificant exertion.

Key Features

  • Patch gathering
  • Cloud-based control center
  • Patch consummation reports
  • Valued per professional

Patch management on Atera can be utilized to see the continuous status of framework assets, dynamic clients, windows refreshes, SQL servers, Exchange, Active Directory, VMware, and Hyper-V. You likewise have the choice to consequently find recently accessible patches and timetable updates month to month or week by week.

Cautions are another component that assists you with keeping steady over network security. On the fundamental dashboard, you are shown a breakdown of Recent Alerts which are positioned and shading coded with extra subtleties. This assists with keeping you tuned in with regards to what’s going on your organization and if any gadgets have been left defenseless.


  • Moderate interface makes it simple to see the measurements that matter most
  • Adaptable estimating model makes it a reasonable choice for independent ventures
  • Incorporates different PSA highlights, extraordinary for helpdesk groups and developing MSPs
  • Can follow SLAs and incorporates a period following choice for upkeep undertakings


  • Spotlights intensely on MSP related devices, different organizations will most likely be unable to use multi-occupant highlights

Atera offers an obvious patch management experience that would work well inside any undertaking climate type. Nonetheless, the sticker price makes Atera ideal for more modest associations that need to decrease costs. It costs $79 (£59.95) per expert for limitless gadgets.

3. SuperOps Patch Management

SuperOps Patch Management is important for a RMM bundle that is focused on oversaw specialist organizations (MSPs). The RMM is a membership administration, presented with plans that likewise incorporate an expert administrations robotization (PSA) bundle. Thus, this arrangement furnishes a MSP with all of its software needs. The Patch Management module gives mechanized cycles to keep the software on Windows PCs modern.

Key Features

  • Remembered for and RMM and PSA group
  • Robotized patch surveying
  • Programmed patch rollout

The Patch Management framework is collaborated with an Asset Management module. The Asset Manager finds all gadgets associated with the customer’s organization and checks through its software. This interaction makes an endeavor wide software stock that gives the Patch Manager a rundown of bundles to keep up with.

The Dashboard for the Patch Management device is facilitated in the cloud and can be gotten to from anyplace through any standard Web program. The control center incorporates a settings area where the professional determines a schedule of upkeep windows. It is then conceivable to determine programmed patch rollout. In that situation, the Patch Management framework will line up accessible patches for the following accessible support time frame.

The robotization highlights in the Patch Management instrument are extraordinary efficient devices and they let loose important professional time for different undertakings. Patches can be applied for the time being without human intercession. On showing up to work the morning after a patch run, the expert group can mind the finish status of each patch. Each of the activities of the Patch Management administration is completely logged.


  • A SaaS bundle that incorporates extra room for patch installers
  • A mechanized framework that opens up staff thus reduces expenses
  • In light of a continually refreshed software stock


  • Just patches PCs running Windows

The SuperOps framework is a SaaS stage that you pay for with a membership. There are four plans accessible and the first of these is free for the main year. This is known as the Solo arrangement and is focused on autonomous professionals. The main two plans are called Growth and Premium.

4. SolarWinds Patch Manager

SolarWinds Patch Manager is an instrument utilized for Microsoft WSUS patch management. This instrument coordinates with SCCM and offers clients the capacity to mechanize patches. At the end of the day, you don’t have to add patches physically to keep awake to-date. On the off chance that there are any issues with patches, you can determine issues to have Windows Update Agent.

Key Features

  • Coordinates with SCCM
  • Fulfillment reports
  • Patch endorsement
  • Consistence revealing
  • Full patch management computerization

This thorough patch management experience presented by SolarWinds Patch Manager is extremely easy to understand. On the patch status dashboard, you can see the most recent patches and the main 10 missing patches to see where your organization security should be improved.

There are likewise patch consistence reports which can be utilized to detail the situation with patches and in general administrative necessities. All of this data can be sent onwards to different colleague’s further investigation.

By and large, SolarWinds Patch Manager is extraordinary for patch management as it oversees fundamental Windows patches and Microsoft software refreshes. The framework likewise refreshes software for key administrations from Adobe, Apple, VMWare, and other significant frameworks suppliers. The Patch Manager gives a bound together interface to updates to all servers and endpoints on your framework that run Windows variants. Control highlights permit patches to be stopped for assessment and the aftereffects of patch rollouts are shown in the control center, demonstrating bombed refreshes that can be relaunched.


Straightforward dashboard makes it simple to follow and visual patches and their advancement, even on bigger organizations

Incorporated straightforwardly with SCCM for a smoother patch arrangement

Supports a wide assortment of outsider patching choices


The apparatus is undertaking centered, may not be the most ideal choice for home labs or little organizations

In general SolarWinds Patch Manager is appropriate to those searching for a WSUS and SCCM patch management arrangement with a basic dashboard and patch consistence reports. SolarWinds Patch Manager begins from a cost of $3,750 (£2,845).

5. NinjaOne Patch Management

NinjaOne Patch Manager – earlier NinjaRMM – represents considerable authority in refreshing endpoints that run Windows and MacOS. As a RMM, this device is explicitly worked to oversee gadgets from a distance, so it is a magnificent software bundle for oversaw specialist organizations (MSPs). The patch chief can oversee refreshes for in excess of 135 unique software bundles.

Key Features

  • Updates Windows and macOS endpoints
  • Booked rollouts
  • Consistence revealing

The robotization elements of NinjaOne’s patch supervisor can be set at any level: association, site, office, gathering, or gadget. This empowers MSPs to cover more clients with less staff and they will not be held up by interesting customer locales with fluctuated jobs and software inventories. Administrators can plan patch rollout and restart orders independently and furthermore dispatch patch establishment in mass or one case at a time case physically.

The control center incorporates a visual design to report patching exercises that empowers moment acknowledgment of fizzled rollouts. The announcing elements of NinjaOne support SLA consistence evidence and charging capacities.

NinjaOne is a cloud-based management stage so it very well may be gotten to from anyplace, in any way shape or form. MSPs can white-mark the interface for the assistance, so customers can be given admittance to the control center without debilitating the MSP’s image.


  • Can quietly introduce and uninstall applications and patches while the client works
  • Patch management and other robotized upkeep assignments can be effectively booked
  • Stage rationalist online management


  • Needs support for cell phones

Costs are demanded per checked gadget on a pay-more only as costs arise premise, so you will not be secured by contracts or contractually allowable charges. You can enlist for a free statement. NinjaOne has workplaces in the USA, the UK, France, Spain, and Germany and the assistance is completely GDPR consistent.


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