Guide to choosing project resource management software

In our guide to choosing project resource management software, we will look at all the aspects that one should know before buying one. Taking that decision is costing money, time, and obligation from the company.

Project resource management software
Project resource management software | Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

A project resource management software is a system that enables organizations to monitor their employee’s availability and matches their skills to the projects available. It, therefore, minimizes the manual system of assigning tasks by supervisors thus saving on time. It also enables employees to work remotely with flexible hours which enables them to choose the number of hours that they work.

Project resource management software:

The number of project resource management software companies has increased over time. This is due to innovation that keeps being made in the field and also the important features that the software provide to the users. The benefits of this software are many and especially now that the world is grappling with the effects of COVID 19 which has effectively changed the way companies work and communicate.

As a company going out in the market to get such software. The most pertinent question to ask yourself is the criteria to use when making the ultimate decision.

Why your company needs it:

Having well-design software in your company ensures that the team is keeping together on the same page. Using one central place that collects together all the relevant information is the answer. Ensuring that projects move together as planned. The software will also give everyone in the company good visibility on all projects. Doing this with high-quality reporting available at just the click of a button.

The traditional ways of tracking projects are by use of spreadsheets such as excel, google sheets, and other programs. While they are fine to work with, they have many limitations compared to resource management software and may not give your company a good overview of what is going on in real-time.

In this article, we shall provide a brief guide on choosing the best project resource management system for your team. The guide can be used along other criteria and factors to ensure that you have taken on a software that will offer you the best service.

Ease of Use:

The whole organization must find it easy to use for it to be fully functional and for it to provide your organization with the benefits that have been envisioned.

It should be simple enough to train and use. Such that employees take the shortest time being trained on how it works. Also, a new member coming on board should find it easy to understand how the system works. It should aid employees to deliver on the objectives.  Also, it should not be deemed to increase their works. This is due to the complexity of the operation on it.  This is another important parameter related to ease of use.

The software should offer the correct mix of features that offer complementary support to the way staff members work. While some industries work in complex environments, the system should offer to simplify the processes to the most basic level possible. Doing that so employees find value in it instead of looking at it as another task to undertake.

Ability to Manage Tasks:

The system should allow your company to list out all tasks and assign them to the right members.  Technicians who are best placed to handle them. It should also indicate the expected finish time, known as SLA (Service Level Agreement). The software should give a real-time report of the progress being made by the person working on it.

If we look deeper into a manageable task it should provide priority to tasks that are urgent. To assure that those who take them on, are aware of the time that is expecting from them to finish up. The system should contain the divisions and departments that exist in your organization. This is so that each member of staff can only locate information in their respective departments.


Effective and efficient communication facilitates collaborations in a team and ensures that tasks are done efficiently and effectively. In an organization, there is a great need for having communication that is streamlined. This is since more people are working remotely. Especially in global companies. People are working from different locations and in different continents, different time zones and they all work for one common goal. For them to work effectively, it means that they have to communicate their goals, tasks, aspirations effectively.

Good resource management software should enhance good communication offering real-time information to everyone in the team and enabling as much relevant information to be conveyed between team members.

Real-Time Reporting:

The real-time report must be done in the correct manner. This can effectively help with decision making. Business trends today require a lot of important and relevant data for there to be good decision-making processes.

A good resource management software must enable your company with the following:

  • View old data.
  • Create new reports on tasks.
  • Team member performances.
  • Resource allocation.

It all needs to be in real-time. This will enable decision-makers and managers to have relevant and correct information for taking decisions.  To decide on the way forward and to have better-laid plans about the future of the company.

Good User Interface:

Since this software becomes the interface where all employees work from. It is important to ensure that the interface is easy to work on and good for the eye. Working on nice craft interfaces will ensure the staff stays motivated and their minds are clear. This will be because there is no clutter emanating from a disorganized software interface.

If the software has a customer-facing interface, it helps if it is good to look at it because customers also have an easy time working with it. It will also enhance your company’s brand which will lead to more reputability and image.


Good software allows you to create additional features that are necessary to you as time progresses. Your company may need to have other portals added and reports created in which case good software should enhance. Also, if you want unique reports for your organization, customization can be used.. Using customization can provide you with the most relevant information you require at any given point.

Risk and Safety:

In modern times, companies are facing many risks that may affect resource management software. They range from abuse by employees, hacking from external sources, loss of data, and many others. For this reason, good software must have the necessary security features to secure it from any cyber-security threats. A reputable company needs to create it.  Companies who have the knowledge and experience in creating software that is free from cyber-security issues.

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