Consideration when choosing the best saas help desk

Software as a service help desk, aka saas help desk, means that your customers are going to get any support they may require online. This is unlike traditional on-prem where they had to visit the business location. Several platforms offer saas help desk and ensure that everything is taken care of for you.

saas help desk
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The platforms ensure that they incur all maintenance costs and install all the required security. The platform also does the back up on your behalf. With most needing saas help desk services, it becomes a challenge identifying the best software to use for the service. In this article, we will give you the best tips on what you should consider when looking for the best software to use.

Best saas help desk

What should you consider when choosing the best saas help desk software’s to use?

Self-service portal

Having a step by step guide to your agent or your customer is an essential task of every business. Choosing a platform that will offer a self-service platform for your business takes it to the next level as they will not need to keep calling customer care for guidance. Also, a self-service portal will enable customers to get simple answers to all their questions.

Variety of channels

Ensuring you get a platform that will address all your business issues will best suit you. It is maybe challenging and a waste of business resources when using separate help desk for each support channel. You need to choose a software that offers all the help desk service o one platform since a customer may need to get help regarding the business in different sectors of operation.

App integration

You should ensure that you pick a software that will eventually put all data regarding a client in one location. By doing this, the employee in your organization will easily know what customers in their sector of operation are asking and improve.

The ease of ticketing

Getting the best software that will enhance easy messaging for every client is one of the main concern for every business. Every customer wants his message to be taken by an expert and evaluated to get the best solution for the problem. They expect to change or even delete the message they submit anytime as a business owner looks for a software that will address these problems. Ensure it can save all the tickets sent by the customers and mark the one completed.

5 Best saas help desk softwares

Business owners aim at making their customers happy by attending to all the challenges they face with their service. With an internet-based saas help desk software, the business owner has a guarantee of customer satisfaction in terms of services offered. With this new technology software, the customer will not need to go to the business location to get customer care. For business owners, getting the right software is usually a challenge since there exists a lot of software that offer help desk services. In this article, we have looked at the five best software that you, as a business person, can use, and you are guaranteed customer satisfaction.

What is the best saas help desk software to use?


Looking for software that will help you to record, organize, and also track your customer’s ticket? Well, here is the best software for that. Hubspot allows you to do all that for you and offer a self-service tool for your customers. You can also integrate it with different apps for a great experience.


Happyfox is an application that covers the email and all social media channels. It supports live chat on the platforms with your customers. Offers a 24/7 self-service portal for the customers. It also allows the customers to interact through a forum and share their experiences. The good part about this software is that you can integrate e-commerce and all social apps to have your information in one place.


Freshdesk is a software that allows the agents in your business to access and share tickets for your customers to get the best response for them. The tickets are obtained from the various social medial panel and are answered. It also offers a self-service portal. A portal where all the employees and the customers can get help or participate in a community forum.


Samanage is one of the software that has a straightforward interface to use. It receives and manages tickets for all the clients. It allows access to various social media channels. The software also offers self-services to their clients and can be integrated by multiple apps to have data in one location.


ManageEngine is also a great software that will automate and organize all tickets for a smooth workflow. It has a self-service portal that enables your customers to access their tickets and also get to know more of the concern they are addressing. The software can also be integrated with various software.

Also in regarding to best saas help desk softwares. We have seen that several applications offerss a self-service portal for your customer. This self-service portal allow them to submit tickets anytime they need. It is up to you to choose the best software that will be of importance to your customers.

SaaS help desk solutions

The happiness and satisfaction of your customers should always be your business’s priority. All that the customers need are excellent products and services that work precisely as designed and perhaps never fail or break. Even though many businesses strive for this kind of perfection, not all of them can create an unbreakable comb. As a business, you need to develop an efficient support process. Support process that enables you to address customers’ issues as quickly as possible.

In fact, about 90 percent of the clients believe that immediate response to their concerns is vital as far as customer service questions are a concern.

Software as a service (SaaS) help desk software significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for a support agent to resolve customers emerging issues. The idea of streamlining tickets from different platforms onto a single easy-to-use software aimed at bringing to end the old system of going through endless messages, texts, emails, posts, and voicemails. Thus agent now has an easy and organized system of providing efficient customer service.

SaaS has got many advantages and indeed sound perfect for startup and small to medium businesses. The usage of SaaS has been expanded over the period in several spheres like HR management, Web security, Survey, SEO, Newsletter, etc. Here are the benefits of using SaaS help desk solutions to manage your customer support.


Software as a service is available to users often on a subscription basis. All you need as a user is to pay your subscription as rent. The saas provider manages the software as well as everything in the backed. Users can enjoy the service by paying subscription fees. Which is literary lower than the traditional on-prem license models.

Additionally, you have nothing to worry about your budget as a beginner since most providers offer a trial period and then pay-as-you-go. This literary means you won’t have to invest and lock your money.

Quick development

The system you are paying for has pre-installed and configured software on the cloud platform. Therefore, you can start a trial before using it or pay for the subscription to start using it right away.


SaaS solutions are often scalable. What can be giving you the flexibility to start even with a lower plan and grow gradually as the demand increases. You can also upgrade your plan without affecting the production system.

SaaS help desk solutions in a nutshell. SaaS help desk is a perfect solution for any individual who wants to get started with a minimum investment

To conclude, getting the best saas help desk is a vital issue to the success of your business. Consider the above point, and will generally choose the best software.

Several softwares such as happy fox, HubSpot, Samanage, ManageEngine, and Freshdesk are among the best one. The best software that exists in the market and you can choose either of them. Make a wise decision and use new technology to solve your client’s problems easily.

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