Service desk tools 

A business considers customer service to be an important part of achieving success and profits in the long run. It is based on the ticketing system in which the customer submits a ticket containing request details. The capacity of a business’s support team measures the difference between your client’s expectations and meeting expectations. Using the right service desk, you can increase customer service to an important level.

Service desk tools 
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What does the service desk tool mean? 

The service desk is the primary and important communication point between an organization and a customer. The service desk helps to perform strategic tasks for IT teams and manages critical customer service-related operations by offering end-to-end business solutions. It helps in offering smooth customer expectations by managing communication and tasks in a commonplace and effectively contributing to the organization’s business model.

Who uses service desk tools?

Internal teams like IT, HR, and legal Payroll use service desk tools to help other members perform their work. The service desk tool helps to share internal support resources and details within the organization to perform their function effectively. For instance, the HR team might use the service desk to hire new employees. Using service desk tools, the team members can share important board documents, ensure training, collect signatures and other employee information.

Responsibilities of service desk tools

Source of communication

The service desk acts as an effective source of truth and reliability. Service desk help to maintain communication between multiple channels of communication in a business. It provides a seamless customer experience by keeping track of all queries with the help of a functional system.

Support request

The service desk communicates from customer to rep and handles requests such as support tickets.

Managing assets 

The service desk assists the rep by managing assets, handling internal documents, providing accurate and timely resolution.

Record of service metrics 

The service desk properly categorizes metrics like queries, issues, and questions so that business managers can predict potential problems and handle performance and volume effectively.

Top service desk software systems


A comprehensive service desk software is Zendesk which provides effective help desk solutions. It has a different approach to the service desk by focusing on delivering excellent service, so it doesn’t add the critical ITIL complaint tool while supporting ITIL processes. It includes employee self-service portals and multi-channel ticketing at one place. Service agents can use Zendesk to track customer problems, interact with them on live chat, social media, mobile phone, etc., track trouble tickets and help customers.

Help scout 

This service desk software helps both small businesses and large-scale business organizations. It is an efficient service desk option to report ticket management and other integration. It also offers discounted rates for either startup or socially focused companies.

JIRA Service Management

This cloud-based service desk software is made to support internal teams, IT, Legal, and HR teams. It includes comprehensive and sophisticated features like self-service, native knowledge base integration, incident management, automation, and conversational ticketing. It provides great service that is quite easy to set up, and teams can adapt it quickly.

Vision Helpdesk

Service agents use this service desk software to deliver their customer service. This software is cloud-based. It helps in the quick automation of service desk functions. Service agents can meet their planned targets using this service desk software, including a sophisticated gamification feature.


Slack service desk tool is very easy to use and flexible. It is an easy substitution for service desk software, including workflows, correct apps, and integration. Employees use it to organize communication, automatically answer questions, manage tickets, etc.

ServiceNow IT service management

This service desk platform helps in tracking asset depreciation and ensures integration with remote desktop support product. It is an efficient service desk that comes with a high price. It includes the following benefits

  • Walk up experience
  • Request management
  • Virtual agent
  • Mobile agent
  • Configuration management

Current trends related to service desk tools 

Our world is subjected to constant changes and several trends in how organizations deploy and manage service desk tools.

Emphasis on productivity 

IT has a great impact on efficient performance. The main reason behind this is because IT decides to choose, deploy and effectively manage service desk tools and procedures. The large organization focuses on increasing business productivity.

Rise of cloud-based software

Cloud-based software has paved the way for success for the business as it can transfer the burden of software maintenance to third parties and focus on their core functions. The organizations prefers cloud-based software for CRM and service desks.

Corporate social media 

Traditionally service help desk was based on a ticket-based method for managing support requests. But social media tool has reformed the corporate world. Corporate social media channel is increasing to monitor issues, collect feedback and respond to help requests. Employees use these tools to complain or look for help.

Best practices for service desk software

  1. You should create a service desk catalog to provide simple instructions that can act as a roadmap
  2. Service desk staff and clients should build an end-to-end issue tracking workflow
  3. Service desk managers should be trained to know how to solve problematic cultures and provide the right service

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