Best Web Based Help Desk Software for 2020

It is natural that whenever we face a problem or come around an issue, we need help and information. In today’s world, the success of a company or a project largely depends on customer satisfaction. Satisfaction comes when a company listens to and resolves the concerns of its audience. Help desks address the problems and give information.

Web Based Help Desk Software
Web Based Help Desk Software | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Help desk software boosts productivity and increases efficiency. Companies are continually strengthening their web-based help desk software to answer the queries and provide a great user experience. For this purpose, there is a lot of web-based help desk software. Softwares which are providing the most excellent information to people regarding their queries. So, here is a review of some best web-based help desk software for 2020.

1.    Zendesk

Zendesk is a reliable and flexible web-based help desk software. It is not just bound to ticketing. It can combine with popular solutions such as HubSpot to give the best insights and grow your business.

You can use Zendesk to create a promising association with people. You can have choices that you want and can exclude those which you think are more or less than required. Different modules allow you to choose which one suits best for your business.

A fantastic feature of Zendesk is live chats with triggers. You can chat with those who are roaming on your page and can solve their issues. Giving them information on the right time can be very beneficial for your business.

One of the promising features of Zendesk is its accessible messaging apps. You can talk with the users over the apps they frequently use. You can get to know the specified area where your product or organization is in talks.

Zendesk also offers bot services. You can have an AI bot to answer the queries and give information. Simply, add relevant information, and your bot will start guiding people. It also allows you to create a self-working portal that can work on its own. All you need to provide is the instructions and FAQs.


  • Best for all types of business ranging from small-scaled to large-sized businesses
  • Integrates with over 600 business solution apps
  • Supports iOS and Android as well


  • The only annual billing module is available, not very convenient for small businesses

2.    Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers multi-channel features which makes it an effective and efficient web-based help desk software. You can talk to your customers on the platform they wish with ease of use. It supports a call system as well as live chats to cater to your needs.

A unique feature of Freshdesk is gamification. Gamification makes the dull client interaction a source of joy for the supporting team.

Also, it provides global customer support. The queries received get categorized with one type and get allocated to respective agents. Secondly, a wide variety of supported languages makes it more efficient for clients as well as the support team.

Another impressive feature of Freshdesk is modification access to companies. You can add colors, logos and can make your forum look vivid. It can integrate with a variety of systems and solutions to give you the best results.

With a lot of forums such as emails, live chats to social media, it can control the client relations conveniently. Freshdesk has a much-clarified ticketing system. You can organize it in the way you want. It also gives collaboration tools to perform better. It has a time tracking system.

Its intelligent automation is the best thing you can have. You can look upon your support team and can assign tasks. This supervision can yield useful results.


  • Supports 26 different languages
  • Interacts with 60+ systems
  • Also supports iOS, Android and Windows mobile


  • Does not come with AI bot

3.    Agiloft

Agiloft, another best web-based help desk software, is known for its reliable and competent customer support system. It addresses the issues of people precisely. Its RMA management capabilities help the customer support team to work and deal with clients efficiently.

A unique feature of Agiloft is employee satisfaction. Workers also need support and backing. So, the productivity of employees increases through efficient internal support.

Service continuity by Agiloft is highly impressive. It ensures the smooth running of the business even after changes. It notifies its users when their license is going to end and provides proper workflow. Thus, users can renew their license to avoid interruptions.

Moreover, Agiloft is highly customizable and flexible. You can add new forms. Everything can get modified in the way you want through some manual settings. It incorporates the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for integrated authentication for security reasons. Thus, it turns out to be a safe and secure web-based help desk software.


  • Comes with a flexible dashboard
  • Offers two-factor authentication system


  • Does not support integration with other systems
  • Supports English language only

4.    Cayzu

Cayzu is a speedy and straightforward web-based help desk software. It has a quick set-up and comes with a user-friendly interface. You can interact with clients and help them through live chats, emails, social media apps. So, giving ease to clients to have the best possible outcome.

It also has a self-service portal for its users. They can get their answers irrespective of time and geographical constraints.

One of the best features of Cayzu is an automated workflow. Whatever the problem is, it is sent to the respective category where it is solved. Computerized rules and workflow manage this smooth flow.

Moreover, Cayzu incorporates the most exceptional ticketing system. You can track and see each ticket, address the issue, send it to an agent and generate replies and a lot more. You can supervise the whole system through it.

All of these features in this web-based help desk software come at affordable prices. The updates, set-ups and assistance are free of cost. Licenses are quite economical to purchase and renew as well.


  • Offers economical buying and license packages
  • Real-time supporting feature for the support team
  • Supports Linux, Windows, iOS and Android


  • Not customizable
  • Cannot make it attractive and interactive as per your business theme

5.    Vivantio Pro

Vivantio Pro is an efficient web-based help desk software. It offers a self-service feature. You can add guidance for its correct working, and it will work amazingly well. It will answer all the queries following the knowledge provided. It has both custom created as well as automated functions to perform tasks.

The support team can create forms if they want, or they can choose automation. It supports a full-fledged custom report builder. Reporting can be seen in the form of charts or in real-time.

Vivantio Pro has excellent client management functionality. The software solves issues on time, and Vivadesk tracks all the interaction. It supports asset management as well as asset audit trails. This feature helps to keep track of information and avoid any inconvenience later.

A new user-friendly interface for the support team allows you to perform operations conveniently. It also incorporates a global search option where you can find almost anything. Things get done conveniently through a simple interface of this web-based help desk software.

All of these features come at competitive prices. If you are running a small to mid-sized business (SBM), you are right to invest in this software. After all, it can be good for better customer service and satisfaction.


  • Comes with global search option
  • Offers competitive prices
  • Keeps record of assets and audit trails


  • Does not integrate with other systems

6.    Zoho

Zoho desk has various channels and forums to give the best possible information to its clients and to deal with their problems systematically. This feature makes it into the list of the best web-based help desk software for 2020. It helps businesses reach their clients on all famous and significant platforms like Facebook, live chats and a lot more.

It authorizes the organizations to decide whether they want to deal with their customers through real-time live chats and calls or ticketing systems. This facet provides business ease to determine the way they want to communicate.

A unique feature of Zoho desk is its social support integration. It has a separate function for social media apps. The queries asked on social apps can be answered right then and there. Zoho desk has knowledge bases that have tracks of all questions and questions asked. This facet helps consumers as well as businesses.

Another promising feature of Zoho desk is data analytics. It traces the customer support team and keeps a check on their performance, roles and responsibilities. The data then helps if there’s a need to replace or upgrade anything. It enhances employees’ performance and productivity.


  • Supports several languages
  • Provides social support integration
  • Built-in data analytics for efficient reporting


  • Does not come with the self-service system

7.    LiveAgent

Here we have another fantastic web-based help desk software. LiveAgent provides its users with only one inbox for all queries. Queries asked on all channels will fall into one inbox. It can be handled and managed without any expert advice and makes it easier to answer all questions.

It stores all the data and information. Businesses can use this information for reporting, analysis, and other uses.

Also, LiveAgent is a reliable help desk software. Agents can rest because of the customer portal, which can face the issues and problems of customers on its own. Add the information and set up the customer portal to open it to all questions. It is very fruitful as well as delightful at handling problems.

The best thing about LiveAgent is that all the problems and issues are classified and then answered by respective category based sections and FAQs. So, there is no need for a whole support team. LiveAgent can handle it all alone. This versatility makes it the best help desk software for small to mid-sized businesses that cannot afford to hire support teams.

LiveAgent’s social channel is excellent at managing all the uncertainties and queries on social media platforms. It addresses the problems on time and in the best possible manner on social platforms.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to learn
  • Supports gamification features
  • Offers automated services


  • Does not include any modifications

8.    Freshservice

Freshservice is a flexible and versatile web-based help desk software. As it is cloud-based, it is easy to use and works on any kind of device. The system includes an incident management system and multi-channels. This inclusion gives the customer the principal solution to the required problem.

So, it is efficacious. It has a self-service portal incorporated within. The problems are solved with the help of the given knowledge base.

Another fantastic functionality of Freshservice is its service catalog. It is a portal that allows you to request services. The list comes powered by a robust backend, making it efficient and reliable to use.

Freshservice also offers a mobile app facility. This feature allows agents to answer the queries anywhere doing anything. So, problems can be dealt with swiftly with this web-based help desk software.

Freshservice comes with an analytics feature as well. It helps boost the capacity and productivity of your business. It resolves several issues timely and stores all the information for future use.


  • Cloud-based help desk software
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Offers mobile app facility


  • No social media integration


No matter whether you are running a small to mid-sized business or a large enterprise. A web-based help desk software is a necessity now. These facilitate your workflow by offering customer support successfully. All of the above-mentioned web-based help desk software comes with impressive features and specs. Each of them helps the clients and persuades them effectively.

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