Which is the best help desk software for small business – Freshdesk vs. HappyFox

Freshdesk vs. HappyFox: Which is the best help desk software for small business? keep on reading to find out what is more suit for you as a small business.

Which is the best help desk software for small business
Which is the best help desk software for small business | Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

Why do small businesses need help desk software?

In a small business, the customer is king, in the real sense; every decision taken by a small business has a say in customer satisfaction, influencing their brand loyalty. Therefore, small businesses have to do everything in their capacity to retain their customers:

  • Take their questions, answer them.
  • Take special requests.
  • And sometimes show that businesses value their customers.

Since small businesses start with a limited budget and team, using a shared inbox might seem a good idea. However, in the absence of the workflow to assign tickets to the right agents, some tickets will not be assigned on time. It may even slip out, which brings down the customer experience and brand loyalty. Shared inboxes will not reflect the status of tickets—whether they are active, closed, or escalated to someone else. Help desk agents might duplicate their efforts as more than one agent might end up responding to the same ticket.

Some of the customer’s requests…

Some of the customer’s requests might be mundane not to require a help desk agent’s help. However, a shared inbox does not have go-to pages whereby customers can quickly solve their problems. This means that help desk agents have to manually respond to each request, which eats into the agent’s time. Sometimes, resolving issues require collaboration with other teams. Simply forwarding a request from one team to another with a shared inbox might do the trick, but it is not the most efficient to get things done.

Given the disadvantages of using a shared inbox, small businesses might be disadvantaged in the highly competitive market. Therefore, switching to help desk software is the most efficient option for small businesses to ensure customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and, most importantly, competitiveness in the market. The best help desk software for small business is a crucial decision to be made with careful consideration.

Freshdesk: What makes it stand out from other help desk software?

Freshdesk allows small businesses to handle conversations from multiple channels in one inbox, providing multichannel support over the website phone, chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Freshdesk help desk software allows small businesses to integrate their Shopify accounts with Freshdesk to handle requests from the e-commerce setup. Moreover, basic SLAs can be set up to ensure that help desk agents respond in time.

Freshdesk help desk software allows small companies to automate experiences, saving time to enhance the user experience. It routes tickets to agents based on criteria like message content, language requirements, and agent skills. It closes the loop with the customer after the successful completion of a ticket by providing a user feedback survey. The software escalates tickets that are not responded to within a particular period and flag poor user experiences or customer feedback.

The software allows small businesses to assist users around the globe at any time without having to increase the workforce. It sets up a knowledge base that would answer the customers’ FAQs and deflect easily rectifiable issues. It embeds a chatbot on the customer portal to help agents provide contextual help to the customers. Moreover, the software fosters an active community where fellow customers can interact with each other.

Freshdesk allows agents to respond quickly and effectively…

Freshdesk allows agents to respond quickly and effectively. Agents can answer recurring questions with a single keystroke, using standard pre-fed responses. It allows the agent to understand the situation quickly. As the software provides all the required information to address the issue. Doing it without the agent having to look for the details. Once a business starts to pick up, collaboration becomes essential. Freshdesk allows team members to share ownership of customer conversations, split significant issues into smaller ones that can be worked upon simultaneously, and instantly resolve multiple conversations.

Freshdesk help desk software provides a bird’s eye view of the open and unresolved questions. CSAT scores, and other metrics in the dashboard. With its in-built reports, Freshdesk can monitor customer satisfaction, analyze trends in tickets, and gauge team performance of the help desk team. Apart from the in-built reports, Freshdesk allows businesses to create custom reports.

Specialties of HappyFox help desk software

The help desk software for small business from HappyFox allows for managing budget priorities, simplifying and automating the business process, and streamlining the support process of the business.

HappyFox’s omnipotent support channels allow businesses to easily convert customer queries from multiple sources. Like chat, email, social media, and voice messages and keep them organized based on ticket categories. Ticket categories like sales, product, and others. The help desk allows for using private notes among team members for internal collaboration. To have a standard response, HappyFox provides ticket templates to pre-fill ticket properties for recurring responses. If the issue on the ticket is complex, the software allows businesses to split or merge tickets as needed. With Canned Responses, agents can create reply templates that can be sent with a click.

Data-driven tweaks can go a long way in the business of small businesses. The help desk reports from HappyFox’s help desk analytics tool give real-time insight into key metrics. This is to gauge the performance of help desk agents and improve them. The inflow report monitors the trends in the inflow of tickets, identifies peak hours, and optimizes strategy. The Agent Activity Report provides insights into the best performers and those who require training.

HappyFox’s help desk software…

HappyFox’s help desk software allows businesses to deflect tickets of less priority or those with FAQs to the knowledge base system, which can be easily built according to the business’ needs. HappyFox allows businesses to build their custom self-service portal, both branded and SEO-optimised, with their no-code support portal builder.

The automation suite of HappyFox saves time, reduces monotony, and enhances the productivity of limited staff. It doing it by answering recurring questions or deflecting them to the self-service portal. Email notifications, smart rules, and intelligent routing algorithms help businesses stay committed to their SLAs. HappyFox has the provision to create both internal and external knowledge bases. Employees use the internal knowledge base, and the customers use the external knowledge base. Moreover, these knowledge bases can support multiple languages. AI-powered chatbots help customers get answers directly from the knowledge base.

HappyFox works with multiple platforms used by small businesses, reducing the need to shuttle between apps. Businesses can bring their customer queries from multiple platforms. Then it will convert into a ticket. The response from the help desk will be sent on the respective platform. Apart from the usual customization features, HappyFox’s help desk software also does other services. The service includes trouble ticketing and simple project management and has an issue and bug tracking system.

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